Active ignorance

“Nothing is worse than active ignorance.”


In light of a few of my previous posts, I couldn’t resist this quote. Is there anything more unbecoming than a Christian who lives in ignorance. We of all people should have passion for truth in every area of our lives and should never shun truth passion and truth pursuit.

Is it not active ignorance that keeps Benny Hinn deceiving the people who come to his conferences. He certainly knows and participates in the sham…

Is it not active ignorance that keeps Pat Robertson saying the idiotic things that he does, certainly he cannot think he is speaking for Christ…

Is it not active ignorance that keeps multitudes of believers watching and supporting these and other charlatans masquerading as shepherds of the flock…

Is it not active ignorance that has bred the current stream of anti-intellectualism in the church…do we think we will reach the post-moderns by being stupid…

It is high time that the common Christian is challenged again to sharpen his mind against the stone of the Logos.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Stop reading about the Bible, read the Bible
  • Stop just reading the Bible, study it
  • If you venture outside of Bible reading, stop reading Christian tripe, read someone who will challenge your mind and soul
  • Affirm your pastor when he challenges you intellectually
  • Discover “loving God with your whole mind”

Lust for the truth.

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