Stem Cell Research

President Bush vetoed a bill that would have allowed for Embryonic Stem Cell research. There needs to be more non-political discussion about this issue. My biggest problem is that we have opposition to this process and seem happy to have a victory for the pro-life movement, but the embryos are still being destroyed – without the research. So where is the moral victory? If in fact the destruction of an embryo at this stage of development is murder of the same order as the holocaust, are we opposed to it only if it means that the taxpayers pay the bill? Hundreds of thousands of unused embryos are destroyed by fertility clinics because couples no longer have a need or use for them. I fail to see what the problem would be if those embryos were used in research. Satisfied with our “moral” political victory, the so-called holocaust goes on.

“Cal Thomas’ article against stem cell research….is not particularly useful, because it does not deal with his fundamental belief that human personhood begins at conception. Similarly, articles by medical groups that promote stem cell research are not helpful, because they do not touch on their fundamental belief that embryos are not human persons. If there is to be any hope of resolving these issues, we must debate when human personhood begins. If we can reach a near consensus on this, then abortion, in-vitro fertilization, stem cell research and other debates will neatly resolve themselves.” Comment letter to the Jewish World Review

Here are some links to information on stem cell research:

I am not endorsing the sites, they just looked interesting to me as I am reading more about this issue. My encouragement is not to take your cues on this issue from politicians, but to educate yourself – let’s talk about this.

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