We Sabotaged Huckabee Long Ago

Does a guy like Huckabee have a chance to be President of the USA?


Not because I don’t like him

Not even because I wouldn’t vote for him (not sure about that)

Rather it has to do with several decades of preparation that is now biting his backside. Since we have chosen to make prayer in schools, creation in science classes, sexual ethics (specifically anti-gay rhetoric) our planks, we will not see substantial Evangelical Christians in the highest office, unless they tone down their “message”. America is not a Christian nation in the Evangelical sense of the phrase. It is a Christian nation in that we are not a Muslim nation, but it is not “Christian” (that only makes sense if you are a confused Evangelical). The real tragic element of this sort of approach is that it only emphasizes what we stand against, and not even those are of primary importance in defining who we are. Examine the following statements:

  • Jesus is for prayer in schools
  • Jesus is for teaching creation in science classes
  • Jesus is against homosexuality

None of those statements justly represent Jesus to the world! They may have some accuracy, but they are marginal values for Jesus at best, and fall far short of accurately describing the heart of our Lord and Christianity. Even if you add the abortion plank, stated either positively or negatively, it still does not represent our true agenda. And Huckabee will have to defend these issues, even if he has other more pressing messages to communicate in his campaign. And there are more pressing issues for a Presidential candidate than our social/ethical concerns.

Ahh, but what about Bush you ask?

Exactly. Did we vote the best candidate into office? No. Only George Bush could have kept the Florida “chad” issue alive. Only George Bush could have us wishing that Al Gore was President. But we were swayed by his Christianity. A good leader would not have polarized our nation. One of his touted strengths was bi-partisanship, and that may be the most remarkable failure of his presidency. We are more polarized as a nation now, not less polarized. The DNC is salivating at the prospect of a Mike Huckabee as Republican nominee for this very reason. Unfortunately Christians will see that as a rallying call to get behind him, get out and vote, make sure we have someone to speak for us in Washington. We will take it as a personal attack on Christianity instead of an appropriate critique of our particular brand of Christianity. So we will again use the wrong criterion in making our selection of a President. Can I say this any clearer: It is not our purpose as Christians to vote for Christians solely because they are Christians. If Mike Huckabee is the best candidate, vote for him. If he isn’t, don’t!

So now the election deals with whether or not Evangelicals will vote for a Mormon. Are you kidding me? Do we think that somehow Mitt Romney will try and reinstitute polygamy, make the USA LDS? Well, as a matter of fact, we do. Because we expect Huckabee to make America Evangelical!!!!!

Now that is a huge misunderstanding of our own belief system. If you think that the way we make America more “christian” is through the political process, you have just taken us back to the dark ages of Christian thought which has rightly been abandoned, by none other than our American forefathers. The fear that people have if an Evangelical gets into office is that being a non-Christian will be against the law; that we will again make heresy a crime against the state and burn people at the stake. Too extreme? Then you haven’t heard of Dominion Theology. Perception is everything in a political campaign.

We are not calling a pastor, we are electing a President.

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