The Mitchell Report: My Favorite Guy is In It

So, the Mitchell report is out, and Major League Baseball needs to do some work. Surprise, surprise…Roger Clemens is on the juice. Why are you surprised? Examine early pictures of Roger with later pictures of Roger. I don’t know about you, but he is a little bigger, I wonder what his hat size is (then and now).

Here is the big question: Why does Barry Bonds undergo all the suspicion and criticism, yet Clemens is never questioned? The standard answer is that Barry is unlikeable, a jerk, surly, mean to reporters. Funny thing, I don’t remember Barry ever throwing a bat at a Piazza, or anyone else for that matter. He just showed up for work, day in and day out. He also didn’t pimp himself out to the Yankees, just stuck with the Pirates/Giants. He could have easily outdone A-Rod/Clemens in salary package from Steinbrenner. I don’t know, Clemens isn’t that likable in my opinion. Didn’t like him at Texas (the University), Boston, Toronto, Houston and especially not as a Yankee. Since I can come up with all the stupid fan reasons not to like someone who plays for the other guy, how did Clemens avoid all the suspicion that his body size and super-human longevity should have caused, as it did with Barry?

Here is the real answer: Barry Bonds is not white. Roger Clemens is. We really have not come as far as we would like with regard to race issues, and black demons are preferable to white ones. It really is the only answer that makes any sense, unfortunately. But we won’t talk about it because we believe we are over it.

Roger is not my favorite MLB guy, see previous post: Roger Clemens Should Be Ashamed of Himself . Lest you think I am a Barry Bonds fan, understand that I bleed Dodger Blue, and Eric Gagne, Paul LoDuca, and Matt Herges should be ashamed of themselves as well as any other players on the list.

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