The Mitchell Report: Part 2, Damage Control

It has begun. Clemens speaking through his lawyer. John Smoltz (not named in the report) going Miss South Carolina on the Dan Patrick show. Unbelievable, he was incoherent in his defense of…I honestly don’t know what he was defending. Jim Rome rolling out his mantra: “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. It is only cheating if you get caught” and then proceeding to talk about how stupid players were for leaving a paper trail. Others commenting on how “the report will ruin the reputation of many…”

If you are innocent, speak for yourself. If you don’t know what to say, say nothing. Let’s admit that we don’t care if people cheat, because the consequences will show that we don’t. The ruined reputations came from the behavior not the report.

Some are saying that this reveals a problem in baseball. More accurately, it reveals our culture. It is a revelation of American values. Legacy, personal empire and money are the driving forces motivating behavior. Integrity and character are convenient only in so far as they promote my image and marketability. So why are we surprised at all. Human nature is deficient, theologically we call it depravity. The lure of money, fame and prowess will not cure humanity of its shortcomings, it only glamorizes the attempt.

Let’s be honest, sports are at best peripherally important. They impact fewer people than we think. Many people, in fact the majority of people couldn’t identify the bulk of the names in the report. But the depravity of man is universal.

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  • I don’t know, that is not what the interview sounded like to me. I thought what Smoltz was saying was two things – first, if didn’t do it you got to speak up loudly, and secondly, after you have spoken up, accept what is out there and move on because this report may just be lodged in people’s minds forever and sometimes you can’t change that. He used his “ironed shirt” things as an example which was pretty silly, but I suppose he had no personal media disaster other than that to compare it to.

  • Hawaii…nice…thanks for reading and responding.

    I actually thought John Smoltz ended his interview with Rome well, but he was dodging and stumbling horribly during the bulk of the interview. I thought the ironing of the shirt example was apples and oranges. It is one thing if players are making fun with one another and it turns into a harmless legend. It is a totally different thing to have a reputable figure conduct an in depth investigation and stand before everyone and reveal instances of cheating. Would he say the same thing about Pete Rose and his “alleged” gambling? For him to bring that up as in the same realm was totally disingenuous, wasn’t he the union rep with the Braves???. It was an attempt to soften the devastating revelations in the report. Some things should be lodged in our minds.

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  • Nunchakus,

    I think it just happened, although I may have signed up with Google at some point…whatever I may or may not have done to do whatever you are talking about I cannot remember. Aren’t I a load of help?? Sorry, thanks for your kind words and for reading.

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