New Year's Day – My "G" List

A fresh start.  Take advantage of it.  New Years day brings at the very least the motivation to start new.  So a brief newsletter at a busy time to encourage you to:

Be grateful.  List the blessings and let the list overwhelm you. 

Be generous.  Take some of that money you spend on yourself and give it away to make someone’s day.

Be gracious.  Speak more kindly to those around you. 

Be gentle.  Forsake a violent or distant approach, and reach out and touch someone lovingly.

Be genial.  It means to promote life and growth, creating an environment that is pleasantly warm, mild, and healthful.

Be a gentleman.  Courteous, polite with a strong sense of honor.

Be a germ.  Plant a seed.

Be a gift.  Surprise people with giving.

Be good.  Change some habits this year to make you a better person.

Be the gospel.  Share Jesus with someone or many ones this year.

Be godly

What will it take?  Make a plan, stick to the plan.  Be proactive, positive change just doesn’t happen. 

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