Blessed Saturday…Getting Ready for Sunday

I don’t know how you prepare for worship on Sunday, but one of my habits I have decided to share with you is what I practice on Saturday. I am blessed with Russian genes, which means I default to pessimism. As a believer, that seems like an unacceptable place to stay, so I have worked hard at attitude. One of those attitudes is to look for things to be grateful for, so here is my list I am taking to church with me tomorrow so that I can worship God with a grateful heart.

  • Monday: I am back to work after a month Sabbatical. It is so good to have a great job and wonderful co-workers.
  • Tuesday: Dinner with my oldest sons (Tim and Levi)on the wharf in Santa Barbara, followed by a pleasant train ride home. Good conversation with my third son (Caleb) as he picked me up from the train station in Fullerton. It is good to have children who know Christ.
  • Wednesday: Funeral for a friend. Zena was a woman who immigrated to the States with my parents; the resurrection is a true source of hope and comfort.
  • Thursday: 16 mile bicycle ride…what a great day, I still have my health.
  • Friday: Quiet evening at home. Borscht for Dinner. I forgot how nice that can be.
  • Saturday: History day building project with my youngest son. Building in the garage, project accomplished.

I have so much to be grateful for…so do you. Take it to church with you tomorrow.

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