Try out this great new…

Try out this great new service called Jott at You can call a number and have your spoken note transcribe to an email and instant message and even to your blog. In fact this blog post is transcribed over Jott. Try it out, it’s free. listen

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Jott is truly cool…the above was transcribed by Jott…the awkwardness is the way I worded the message. The word “transcribe” in the second sentence has to do with my lack of articulation. Otherwise it is perfect. You can even connect Jott with your Google Calendar and have it put appointments on your calendar by phone. It is much easier than writing things down when you are driving.

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  • Ellen

    I think that’s cool…but you know me, I’m scared…

  • I love Jott! I’ve been using it for the past month. So cool!