Todd Bentley Heals by Kicking??

Painful to watch, I am sure not as painful for the poor guy who made the mistake of thinking Todd Bentley cared an iota for his well being…

When will we learn about these kinds of hoaxsters? I don’t even know how to categorize this, it is so far from a normative Christian experience and even further from a Biblical context yet it is seen by many as what “evangelicals” do at church. This is frightening, infuriating, disturbing, ignorant and humorous at the same time. Amazing.

ht=Local Pastor

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  • Vera

    Steve, I totally agree with you. How very very sad that this is what people think Christianity is like.

  • Dirk Steinhoff

    This is so… I just can’t find words for it. No wonder some of my friends say that they are happy without Christ.

  • Ray


    Todd Bentley – UFC Fighter For Jesus (Flying Knee KO)

    Totally different video from that one, but along the same lines.