5 thoughts on “The Shack”

  1. Hi! I enjoyed this review. I had a chance to hear Young’s Q&A re: the book. It was quite humorous to hear his answers to some of the highly theological questions/responses to the book. Anyway, have you read this? It’s a response by Young to all the hoop-lah… Enjoy!


  2. Steve ~ I apologize, but the last link is NOT the one I intended to recommend…this one is just “about Paul.” I could not find the transcript, but if you or anyone out there cares to listen to Young, here is the video/audio of what I wanted to post in my comment. The first 2 are more about the book. The last 4 are his sermon/talk at Mariners. OK, here’s that site…


  3. Hey Svet
    Thanks for chiming in…and for reading the blog. I will check out the links you provided. For now, the morning is approaching and I have an airport run tomorrow, need some sleep.

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