John Crowder: Extremely Emerging Post-modern Post-Pentecostal

Every pastor has a bad sermon. I have had a few. Now I have something new to watch to help me get over my bad sermon blah’s…John Crowder. One look at this guys sermons and I can always say…”not as bad as that guy”, or I can just send a copy to the elders every week so they say, “At least Steve is better than that!”

Unbelievable. The following are some of John’s followers…

Drinking the Word. I really don’t know if this is just a huge spoof…The guy’s name is John Crowder, but he looks a lot like David Crowder…

Well, you can check out their explanation if you want below (John Crowder and Ben Dunn, Ben is John’s “Robin”), and check out their response to another blogger at zoecarnate.

They seem to be a cross between post Pentecostals and Emerging extremists. If you read the blog at zoecarnate you will see a guy who thinks he is smarter than you are, condescending to broadly criticize the whole of the church based on his straw man construction of the church. He consistently makes the mistake of bifurcation: The Holy Spirit is either mystical (in his opinion “right” and undefined) or intellectual (wrong and reflective of the traditional church). He also thinks that the culture determines the conduit of the message: In a post-modern context the only way to communicate is to be post-modern. I think the videos speak for themselves.

John Crowder & Ben Dunn on Drugs

ht: Scotteriology

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  • eric

    I just wamt to encourage everyoone on both sides of the disscusion. God knows what He is doing. All that u do, do for the love of God. Rest in the fact that our God is good and sovirgen. People for crowder, relax amd trust God……I imagine if crowder were being confronted he would just bless the others and be thankful for Persecution! Those who think crowder is demon influenced, please cast out the demons as our Lord told us to go about doing, or pray and fast and ask the Lord to do it, since it isreally Him living in and workingthrough us……
    I actually was concerned about crowder and co not beimg of God, but the fruit that Holy Spirit is bearing in them says otherwise…..when a say fruit, I don’t mean acting goofy, I mean the feuits of the Spirt, and how many eople are coming to know Jesus. Furthemore, how is talkkng about the gospel and all related to God in childish, joyful, giddy exuberance decomic or sinfull? Many come to the Lord, yet people judge it as of the devil. Sometimes I wosnder if w judge because we were not the ones to be used by God in some mighty way, or perhaps we are simply unable to accept things which bug us.

  • jay

    I have to disagree with you, Eric. Numbers do not equal fruit. Jesus never equated fruit with numbers, and neither did the early church. What worries me is that the multitudes being ‘added into the kingdom’ are not hearing the gospel based on the Bible.

    Paul warns his readers, notably in Timothy to ‘watch his doctrine closely’, and in galatians ‘if anyone preaches to you another gospel, he be cursed’. It is very unfortunate that we often put up with strange teaching that does not come straight out from the Bible. Is there no fear that God would hold us accountable on judgment day ‘for not knowing the Scriptures and the power of God (Matt 22:29)’.

    And to labour the point again, that not all ‘fruit’ is from God – Matthew 7:22 – Lord, lord, did we not cast out demons in your name and perform miracles, and Jesus answered ‘I never knew you, away from me, you evildoers’.