In Christ Alone

Here is another great song for your preparation for Sunday Worship: In Christ Alone by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty. I am posting three videos, one is the song with words underneath scenes from The Passion of the Christ. The second is an interview with Stuart and he plays and demonstrates some fingering for you guitar buffs. The third is a rendition by Keith and Kristyn Getty, live with piano accompaniment.

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  • Ellen

    I really enjoyed the first and the third. I didn’t click on the second. Did you hear Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn died today?

  • Kristin George

    i think my favorite westmont chapel every year is when Keith and Kristin Getty come and lead worship. You should come up for it next time…surely no one would say that a mini vacation to SB to listen to some amazing woship music is neglecting your pastoral duties

  • cliffordthedawg

    I love the Keith and Kristin Getty video. I’ve seen it before but I just love their version. Thanks.