• Ellen

    It was good for me to hear this.

  • We can talk all day long about all the problems with postmodernism…but yet we have done nothing to reach people in today’s world. Instead of trying to change the world, let’s love it in a Biblical way.

  • An old friend would use a line with me when I made unrelated comments: “I like peanut butter, do you skate?”

    Tyler, one has nothing to do with the other. Highlighting the problems with post-modernism has no necessary connection with a lack of evangelism. I can be critical of post-modernism and passionate about evangelism, one does not preclude the other. This is one of the criticisms I hear from emerging guys quite a bit: the church has failed in evangelism. I don’t think it is an accurate criticism. And you don’t have to embrace a faulty epistemology to increase the “missional” quotient.

    “We have done nothing to reach people in today’s world” is quite the extreme criticism, with no real substance to demonstrate its validity. Christianity is growing exponentially.

  • Vera

    Thank you Steve. This really hits the nail on the head.