Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle

Not the greatest photo, I only carry an Iphone when I ride and it is not a good camera, but this is a bald eagle at Lake Perris on New Years Morning.  Honest. The picture makes it look like we were further away than we actually were.  This tree is right on the bike trail, so we were only about 20 feet from this bird.  Looked like a youngster, an absolutely beautiful creature.  Makes me proud to have a bald spot.   What a great way to start the new year!

Around the bend from the eagle we spotted a red tail hawk and an osprey.  The San Jacinto Wildlife Refuge is just east of Lake Perris and is located on the Pacific Flyway so an impressive amount of birdwatching can be done here.  Who knew?

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  • Ellen

    Someone has got to get you a thin slip in your pocket digital camera if you are seeing scenes like these on your bike rides!!

  • Bless your brother…

  • Who knew indeed!

    Yeah, I think your sister should bless you also!

  • Grace

    Lovely, simply lovely. Such sights never get old.