4 thoughts on “Great Story: Jason McElwain”

  1. wow…The Perris Basketball team could use some of his heart!! Thanks for making me cry at work! 🙂

  2. That was a very uplifting. I have spent the last several days watching A Rod give excuses for his dabble in steroids, or whatever he calls them, and the medias absolute dogged determination to pursue the story and massacre him. It got me thinking of something. Sabathia and this other pitcher that the Yankees aquired are getting paid right around one quarter of a Billion dollars for thier services. Based on an inflated anuall salary of 50,000.00 dollars and an estimated 5,000 dead in Iraq, Both Sabathia and this other guy are going to make as much money as all our dead in Iraq. Forget my disgust as a Veteran. I’m curious to know what we think of this almost “Circus Maximus” extreme, at a time when we see layoffs in the hundreds of thousands, and the economy in shambles. And then I see something like this,and for several moments it allows me to forget something that I have absolutely no control over and really enjoy the simple and pure. Great video thanx.

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