Calvin’s 500th Birthday

Bad computer day at the office, then a funeral, so a short tribute to Calvin.

Today marks the 500th birthday of a great theologian.  Here is why I like John Calvin:

  • He loved theology, high thoughts about God
  • He loved the Bible, evidenced by his commentaries and his multiple references in the Institutes
  • He loved God, and the idea of the sovereignty of God which cannot be underemphasized

Here are some facts about him:

  • His first draft of the Institutes of The Christian Religion was written by the age of 25 or 26.
  • The definitive edition was completed in 1559, at age 50.
  • His section in the Institutes on the Trinity should be read by every Christian.
  • Some have said that his influence on America is as great as any of the founding fathers.

He may have been the greatest Christian thinker given to the church in its history.  These days he gets a short shrift by some who have not read any of his works and simply rely on the bad information of others regarding his theology.  Far from perfect, John Calvin had his moments, but the legacy of theological and Biblical work he left behind is unsurpassed.

For more on Calvin see Reformation Theology and Monergism dot com

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