David Robinson NBA Hall of Fame

David Robinson is all class, from the wonderful words he says to his wife to the way he affirmed his sons.  The speech is a typical acceptance style speech, thanking everyone for all the effort contributed, but his ending is tremendous.  Now many sports figures have given thanks to God, but David Robinson says it here better than anyone I have ever heard.  30 seconds well framed and spoken, giving God thanks and blessing a crowd that has it all and has heard it all.  Excellent.  Video is 7:45 and the tribute to God starts at about 6:41.  Worth watching.

If you happened to see the Hall of Fame show on ESPN then you will also recall that the day was really focused on Michael Jordan.  His acceptance speech is the exact opposite of Robinson’s;  he couldn”t get off of himself.  The “greatest” player of all time spends his time trying to justify why he deserves that title.  I thought it was sad.  In contrast to how Robinson presented himself it was pathetic.

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