Shoe-less Joe

My youngest son’s name is Joseph.  He is my favorite.  I say that because it bugs people who don’t believe that it is appropriate to admit that at times you like one of your kids more than the others.  It’s not that I don’t love my other boys (Tim, Levi, or Caleb), its just that right now Joe is home, young and not married or otherwise reminding me that I’m old.  He also costs me less than the middle two who are breaking the bank because they want to go to Westmont College instead of Mt. San Jacinto Junior College.  Go figure.  Soon Joe will leave me as well for the hallowed halls of Westmont and my favorite son will be determined by which of the four makes me laugh harder or just plain gives me money.  But for now, its Joe.

Joe has gone shoe-less for the past 8 months.  Initially his parents were mildly amused/annoyed. The bottom of his shoes would be black from his travels and he would track it into the house where he colored our carpet a darker shade than we liked right beneath his favorite spot on the couch.  Other parents would comment about our irresponsible parenting and lack of enforcement of a time honored parenting principle.  He would play guitar on the worship team  at church, barefoot.  Some people didn’t get the Moses moment.  Many people told us it wasn’t good for him, that he would get some horrible disease.   It wasn’t until at least 4 months into the “project” that I finally got wind of the reason that Joe was going barefoot.

You can read about it here. Now you know why he is my current favorite.

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4 thoughts on “Shoe-less Joe”

  1. In all fairness, as Levi graduated early (thereby SAVING you money), and is now essentially breaking his own bank, he is costing you the least. He also comes with the added benefit of a girlfriend who, on occasion, makes you tapioca, and enables him to come home more frequently due to her inordinate, somewhat romanticized, love for Nuevo. Also, levi (and Caleb I guess but I am trying not to stress his qualities), and his group Potter’s Clay are in the news as well (in a cnn article), if that contributes at all to your ratings:

    But…Kudos to Joe, he is kinda my favorite too.

  2. Thank you for sharing, I have purchased Tom’s shoes for my youngest because he wanted to give a pair to someone who needed them and so I was unaware of this challenge. This would give all of us something to think about. We take our shoes-lots of pairs for every occasion and sometimes just a particular outfil-for granted

  3. Grace and Theresa – thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Kristin, you are more important than salsa…Levi and Caleb know how much they are loved, thanks for the link it is now my newest post.

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