Questions for God

Our Sunday night gathering here at NCC is called “The Well” and for the summer we have been doing a question and answer format covering apologetic, theological, social, personal and biblical categories.  Here are some of the questions from the last few weeks:

  • What is absolutely necessary for salvation? Is saying the prayer enough? How much does a person have to understand?
  • Is abortion or adoption mentioned in the bible?
  • Is abortion a sin?
  • When do you believe life begins?
  • …about abortion. what if its a rape victim?
  • Can you lose your salvation
  • Why is God depicted as male in the Bible and in the incarnation of the son? Is that more than how he would be received in Jewish culture?
  • How can people claim to be christians if they bomb abortion clinics? They claim that abortion clinics kill babies, but they aren’t wrong by killing those clinic workers?
  • Will god ever forgive Satan
  • if god knows everything did he know that satan was going to turn on him
  • ive heard that when god returns he will return with firre, is that true and if so will he burn all the nonbelievers
  • is it possible really repent when you have done something knowing you are going to repent afterward? can there be real repentance?
  • Will pigs ever fly?
  • How do you truly repent?
  • How was your watermelon?

Our questions left over we still have to tackle:

  • Why do we who are called saints still sin?
  • What does God think about dating? We are given directions about marriage. But what about relationships that are romantic but are not married or necessarily headed that way? Is there a place/guidelines for an undefined romance?
  • Does the Bible say anything about defense of ones self? people keep using the example of killing being ok when it is in defended of ones self (or nation) I just keep thinking of what Jesus did when he was attacked, he submitted.  Is standing up for ourselves a Christian idea or is that a human instinct?
  • Hey is it a sin! to eat! BEARS?
  • Explain predestination
  • Can you be baptized more than once?
  • Mathew 6:25 stats that God does not want us to worry about what we where or eat, does this mean doing so is considered a sin?
  • What makes drugs bad? Does the Bible itself shun it? Is it because it is bad for your health? Or is it bad because its illegal?

See you this Sunday night for some good singing and spiritual stimulation…

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  • Kristin

    I wish I was in Nuevo every Sunday night! It sounds like you are all having some important and enlightening discussions.

  • Roy

    I always figured that the questions for God would be handled during Heaven orientation. The guy I want to see is Adam and ask, “What the hell were you thinking?”