12 Months to a Better You: Conversion

Christian change is conversion.

Much of the language of the New Testament focuses on the process of conversion.  Regeneration, New Creation, Rebirth,  Repentance, Faith, Transformation, Renewal, are all words that imply change.  Some of the words imply that the change comes in a moment, an instance of time and other words imply that change comes over time, that is, it is a process.

There is no kind of change or conversion that does not have at its root a mind process:  either repentance or renewal.  This is how it happens initially at the conversion where justification occurs when we were made new by the Spirit and born from above.  This is how it happens on the way during sanctification where the believer is in the process of holiness and moving toward the goal of the fullness of the stature of Christ.  Repentance and renewal correspond to the Bible language of putting off and putting on.

There is one essential mind shift necessary for conversion and transformation:

The shift of power:  The Sovereignty of God

This shift of thinking then needs to be applied to all areas of life:

  • Morality and Values
  • Reconciliation
  • Occupation
  • Relationships

Click on the picture of my scribblings to see a chart of the path to personal growth and impact, an overview of where we are going this year in our 12 Months to a Better You.  Follow along here at the Temple if you are a distance from NCC, this Sunday we will be giving a challenge to incorporate Sovereignty into the change process!  This week I will post musings on this topic in preparation for our Sunday morning challenge.

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