Please Call Me.

The tragic story of Bill Zeller has prompted this invitation.

Bill Zeller was a lost young man.  Abused at an early age, the effect of abuse haunted him and drove him to take his own life.  He left a long explanatory letter which is heartbreaking.  Read it but be prepared to be heart-broken.

If you are in this situation, if you are having thoughts of suicide – please don’t make the same mistake that Bill made. The mistake I am referring to is not his suicide, rather his belief that he had to keep his horror story to himself.  He didn’t feel he could trust anyone to keep his story confidential.  I have years of experience and a track record of confidence.  Please come talk to me.  If Bill could have found just one person to vent to, cry with and release his demon – he would be alive and maybe moving toward health today.

So call me, or someone like me.  It can be different.

Bill Zeller’s letter was haunting.  I have said that in 25 years of ministry I have never witnessed demonic possession.  This letter comes close.  His description of the perpetrator always lurking as a presence in his life, a presence he names “darkness” who controls his thoughts, emotions, demeanor and attitude is the equivalent of the demonic possession described in the Scriptures.  I am not saying he was possessed and needed an exorcism – I am saying that the power of this event and the control it had over this poor soul is what Jesus came to free us from.

It is so unfortunate that much of his demonic experience came in the form of fundamentalist parents and dysfunctional Christianity.

Here is the problem with our modern demonology:  when we talk about demons we picture the Exorcist (movie) or the new movie coming out now starring Anthony Hopkins called  “The Rite”.  Demonic activity is more often seen by this kind of human abuse of all that is true, good and ultimately godly.  The destructive effects of his rape, religious abuse culminated in the destruction of his life.  What a shame.

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