12 Months to a Better Marriage: Trust, Rights,Responsibilities

Trust, Rights, Responsibilities

This months marriage assignment is to adjust our ideas about the place of rights in a marriage. I have challenged every couple I counsel with this adage: “You have no rights in your marriage, only responsibilities.”

So here are some exercises, more additions in the comments section as the week and month go on…

  • How important is trust to a marriage?
  • How much trust is present in your marriage?
  • How can you increase the trust in your marriage?
  • What place do rights have in a marriage?
  • How do you square your answer with the Scriptures?
  • What are your responsibilities in your marriage?
  • Are you living up to them?

Read Ephesians 5:21-33.

  • What are the commands listed for the wife?
  • What are the commands listed for the husband?
  • Using Jesus as your model, what does it mean to submit? What does it mean to love?
  • Biblically, what is the difference between submission and love?
  • Who has the harder set of commands, the husband or the wife? Defend your answer biblically.
  • If Jesus is to be our model in marriage, discuss how the servant passages in the gospels help us understand love and submission (Matthew 20:26, 28; 23:11; Mark 9:35; 10:43, 45; Luke 22:26)

Finally, read Philippians 2:1-8.

  • How would you amend any answers or statements made above in light of this powerful passage?
  • How is Jesus’ attitude described here? Do you share the attitude of Jesus?
  • Discuss “selfishness and empty conceit”. How are you displaying selfishness and empty conceit in your marriage and what is the result of those actions?
  • Notice that regarding others as more important than yourselves is an attitude of the mind. How do you think about your spouse?

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