Hit a Home Run with Your Wife

 This isn’t hard, nor was it expensive – but this will be a hit at home, I guarantee it. My wife was recently out-of-town for a few days and I wanted to welcome her home.

This coming home table cost me $14.96 and took me less than a half hour, but the response was the proverbial “priceless.”

What you have here is a bag of m&m’s, chocolate covered raisins (her favorites) spread over the table in a random fashion; tulips purchased at Super Target for $9.99 (roses from a florist can be overpriced and over-rated), and a plate of cookies on a “You are Special Today” plate we had at home.  Now, if you are an expert like I am, you can bake your own cookies (chocolate chip) and steal your wife’s heart-shaped cookie cutters and cut them into heart shapes after baking.  No need to worry if you aren’t metro-sexual and handy in the kitchen, just go to Panera Bread(or anywhere they sell fresh-baked cookies) and skip the baking.  Baking your own gets huge points though.  Cutting into heart shapes is also optional, but those kind of “feminine” details really make the women swoon.

A little effort like this on a regular basis can make huge deposits into your emotional bank account with your wife.

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  • Well done brother. I’d take fresh cut flowers like tulips or peonies, sweet peas or gerber daisies any day over roses…