The Grace Challenge Works

As we walk through the Grace Challenge together the habits of our life and the assumptions we make are put to the test.  One of the challenges shared with me is summed up by this question:  “So, I got a ticket the other day, how am I supposed to be thankful in that situation?”  The room exploded with suggestions:

  • Thank God that you missed a potential bad situation.
  • Thank God for your ability to drive, your car etc.
  • Ignore the ticket and thank God for one of the other many blessings you experienced that day.

What struck me was the amount of alternatives that the room came up with (some pretty wacky) and it struck me that people were changing over the course of the month as a result of the challenge.  The important thing about the challenge is not simply the change of behavior, rather a change of perspective. Be careful that it doesn’t become another thing that you “do”, but something that you “become.”


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