90 Day Challenge Day 1

Read Genesis 1-16.


  • 1-2 Creation Story
  • 3 Fall
  • 4 Cain and Abel
  • 6-8 Noah and the flood
  • 9 Covenant with Noah
  • 11 Tower of Babel
  • 12 Covenant w/ Abram
  • 13 Abram & Lot
  • 14 Melchizedek
  • 15 Covenant w/ Abram
  • 16 Sarai and Hagar

Genesis 1-11 should be viewed as a unit.  The major theme here is creation and fall.  As we look at a plot development in the story of Genesis this should be seen as laying out the problem.  The problem with humanity is sin, it is expressed repeatedly here in these chapters,  the appropriate response is judgment (the flood).

Genesis 12 begins the second major part of the book, that is, the solution.  The solution is expressed in the covenant promises made to Abram/Abraham.

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  • Carol

    I feel as if I am running a marathon…not that I have ever done that. I am used to meditating on what I read in the Bible. Frank says to just do it (read the “assignment”) and see what happens.

  • stevebag

    Hey Carol,
    A lot of people have expressed the same thing. Funny, I have been telling them the same thing as Frank!

    I am finding some different impressions by simply reading a large chunk at a time. Especially with Genesis it has been fun to see the broader themes.