I’m Steve Bagdanov, …here is a little about me:

I grew up in Montebello, California the 6th child of Russian immigrants.  I went to high school in Whittier, California and attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara where I majored in Religious Studies and almost Philosophy.  I opted for a semester in Israel and didn’t get my Metaphysics and Epistemology classes in for a major in Philosophy.   It was at Westmont that I met my wife, Kelly and we have been married since 1981.

Kelly  and I have four sons, Timothy (’85), Levi (’88), Caleb (’90) and Joseph (’92).  Timothy (2007), Levi (2010), and Caleb (2012) and Joseph (2014) all graduated from Westmont.  We have a high commitment to education and Westmont.  All four of our sons were home schooled as well.  My wife runs a home school group called Grace Preparatory School and is a master blogger herself at KellyBagdanov.com.

I was a pastor, first at Canyon Hills Evangelical Free Church (1985-1990) and then at Olive Grove Church (1991-2016).  I attended Westminster Theological Seminary and graduated from Talbot Seminary and School of Theology in 1985 with that most pretentious of degrees, Master of Divinity.  Somehow I think I will never master divinity.  My theological leanings are changing.

The Temple is a place to engage people in a deeper way in the integration of theology, philosophy and Bible, and sometimes I just talk about whatever interests me.  Feel free to make a comment, I believe in the priesthood of all believers and what better place to engage the priesthood but in the Temple!!

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