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Worth Reading and Listening to…


Here are a few articles and podcasts I have been reading and listening to:

Dennis Prager on Why Don’t Christians Help…Christians? in the National Review Online.

Tyler Jones on Organized Religion is Dying; Let’s Host a Funeral from The Resurgence

Atul Gawande on Letting Go: What Should Medicine Do When it Can’t Save Your Life? in the New Yorker

Gary Habermas talking about the Shroud of Turin on Greg Koukl’s radio program Stand to Reason


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Please Convince Me Podcast

I am always on the look out for good listening material and was pleased to find the “Please Convince Me” podcast. Read the text of my email that I sent in response to comments made on Podcast #162 entitled Does Jesus Possess the Nature of God.  The host of the program is James Warner Wallace a homicide detective and church planter – nice combo.

Jim is a gracious and articulate host, I have only listened to a few of the podcasts and have enjoyed them.  He is an evidentialist in his apologetic approach and although I don’t feel this is the strongest apologetic, it does have value and Jim seems to “apologize” well.

I challenged him on his comments in podcast 162 with regard to the nature of Christ and he read and responded to my email on podcast #165, so check it out.  Here is the link to the podcast page.

For those of you interested in my previous posts on Kenosis theory follow these links:

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Unbelievable? Radio Programme

I am always looking for good listening, especially because there is so much bad listening on contemporary Christian radio. Much of what is available on the radio is either so poor theologically or so argumentative and vitriolic that when you find something collegial, engaging and easy to listen to, it is worth noting. So it is with the “Unbelievable?” Radio Programme with host Justin Brierly. It airs in the UK, don’t let the British accent fool you, these guys are really sharp even though they misspell “programme”, silly Brits.

The program (notice the economy of letters in the US spelling) I listened to featured noted skeptic author Michael Shermer and a Scottish pastor named David Robertson entitled “Is Christianity Good for Society”.  You can listen to the program here, or subscribe to the RSS feed/netcast here.

David Robertson is my new hero.  He is well spoken, sharp and really takes Shermer to task for making statements that he cannot back up with facts.  I really enjoyed this broadcast.  I will be listening to other shows on Eschatology, Science, atheism, divorce, with a great lineup of guests.  Looks top notch and worth downloading to your mp3 player.

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