90 Day Challenge Day 52

Read Isaiah 29 -41


  • Jerusalem is Warned
  • Blessing follows Discipline
  • The Glorious Future
  • The Judgment of God
  • God’s Wrath Against Nations
  • Zion’s Happy Future
  • Sennacherib Invades Judah
  • Hezekiah Seeks Isaiah’s Help
  • Hezekiah’s Prayer:  God Answers Through Isaiah
  • Hezekiah Healed
  • The Word of Our God Stands Forever
  • Those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength

Isaiah is the most quoted Old Testament book by New Testament authors.

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90 Day Challenge Day 51

Read Isaiah 14-28


  • Israel’s Taunt of the King of Babylon
  • Judgment on Moab
  • Prophecy about Damascus
  • Message to Ethiopia & Egypt
  • Valley of Vision
  • The Fall of Tyre
  • Judgment on the Land
  • Praise
  • Ephraim’s Captivity Predicted
  • Judah is Warned

Isaiah is divided into two parts:  Chapters 1-39 are called the Books of Judgment; Chapters 40-66 are known as the Book of Comfort.

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90 Day Challenge Day 50

Read Isaiah 1-13


  • Sons Revolt against God
  • God’s Universal Reign
  • God will Judge
  • A Remnant Prepared
  • Parable of the Vineyard
  • Woes to the Wicked
  • Isaiah’s Vision – Commission
  • Immanuel
  • Trials for Judah
  • Damascus and Samaria Fall
  • Believing Remnant
  • Prince of Peace
  • Assyria is God’s Instrument
  • Remnant will Return
  • Righteous Reign of the Branch
  • Prophecies about Babylon

Isaiah was a prophet before the Exile to Babylon to 8th century Judah.

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90 Day Challenge Day 49

Read Ecclesiastes 3 – Song of Solomon 8


  • A Time for Everything
  • Evils of Oppression
  • Attitude toward God
  • The Folly of Riches
  • The Futility of Life
  • Wisdom and Folly Contrasted
  • In the Hand of God
  • Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do
  • Cast Your Bread on the Waters
  • Remember God in Your Youth
  • Shunnamite Bride
  • Solomon and the Bride
  • Wedding Day
  • Solomon expresses his love

Song of Solomon is written by Solomon.  Song of Solomon is a complex book in its imagery, poetry and language.  It is a love story that some say is a metaphor for the love of Christ for his bride.

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90 Day Challenge Day 48

Read Proverbs 21 – Ecclesiastes 2


  • Life and Conduct
  • Precepts and Warnings
  • Similitudes, Instructions
  • Warnings and Instructions
  • Proverbs from Agur
  • Proverbs of Lemuel
  • Acronym of a Godly Woman
  • Futility of Pleasure, Possessions,  Wisdom, Labor
  • Wisdom Exceeds Folly

Proverbs Facts: The Proverbs of Solomon continue.

The words of Agur begin in chapter 30.  This is the name of the author of the wise sayings provided in Prov. 30. Either this was a real person, or as some have suggested, it was a fanciful name for Solomon. Proverbs 30 says that he was the son of Jakeh (Hebrew: “Yaqeh”) which means “to obey” or “obedient.” Again, this is either a real person, or another symbolic name for Solomon.

Lemuel means “devoted or dedicated to God”.  There is no other reference to a King named Lemuel so speculation as to his identity is up for debate with some saying it is Solomon, others Hezekiah or just a king named Lemuel that we know nothing about.

The section of Proverbs at the end of chapter 31 that describes a godly woman is written as an Acronym with each verse beginning with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon.

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90 Day Challenge Day 47

Read Proverbs 7 – 21


  • Personification of Wisdom
  • The Proverbs Proper
  • Contrast of the Upright and the Wicked
  • Life and Conduct

Proverbs Facts: Wisdom is personified in chapters 8-9.  Many see a connection between this personification of wisdom and John’s personification of the Logos.

The Proverbs proper starts in chapter 10.  Proverbs have a two phrase format with the first phrase making a statement that the second phrase either contrasts or affirms.

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90 Day Challenge Day 46

Read Psalm 135 – Proverbs 6


135. Hallel
136. His Lovingkindness is Everlasting
137. Captivity Psalm
138. Thanksgiving
139. Omniscience & Omnipresence
140. Rescue me, O Lord
141. Evening Prayer
142. Maskil of David from the Cave
143. Hear My Prayer O Lord
144. Blessed be the Lord…who trains my hands for war
145. Forever Praise
146. Hallel
147. Hallel
148. Hallel
149. Hallel
150. Hallel
The Fear of the Lord = Beginning of Wisdom
Wisdom’s Warnings
The Rewards of Wisdom
A Father’s Instruction
The Warnings concerning the Adulteress
Listen to Your Father and Mother

Psalm Facts: Psalm 139 is maybe the most famous Psalm after the 23rd.

Proverbs Facts: The first 9 chapters of Proverbs are written not as Proverbs but in a more generalized instruction format.  The Proverbs were written by Solomon with the exception of chapters 30-31.

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90 Day Challenge Day 45

Read Psalm 109 – 134


109. Don’t be Silent
110. Messianic Psalm
111. Hallel
112. Hallel
113. Hallel
114. God’s Deliverance
115. Not to Us
116. I Love the Lord
117. Hallel
118. Give Thanks to the Lord
119. Longest Psalm:  Alphabet Psalm
120. Song of Ascents
121. Song of Ascents
122. Song of Ascents
123. Song of Ascents
124. Song of Ascents
125. Song of Ascents
126. Song of Ascents
127. Song of Ascents
128. Song of Ascents
129. Song of Ascents
130. Song of Ascents
131. Song of Ascents
132. Song of Ascents
133.Song of Ascents
134. Song of Ascents

Psalm Facts: The Hallel Psalms (113-118) are the Psalms that begin and end with the Hebrew word “Hallel” which means praise and the foundation of the word Hallelujah.  These are the Psalms that Israel sang during the Passover and most likely the hymns that were sung by Jesus and his disciples at Passover (Matthew 26:30).  Some have said that they also form the foundation of the Lord’s Prayer.

The Songs of Ascent are the 15 Psalms (120-134) that begin with the phrase “Song of Ascent.”  There are many ideas about the meaning of this phrase but the most likely is that they are songs that were sung as an approach to the Temple which was on the highest part of Jerusalem.  In the Temple was a wide stairway of 15 stairs that led into the inner courtyard.  The Priests are said to have ascended these 15 steps singing each Psalm on the corresponding ascending stair.

Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm in the Psalms and is an acrostic; each section is headed by a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

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