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The Mark of the Beast

Our series on heaven has engendered many questions, here is a peripheral one that came up that I wrote a response to today so I thought I would post it…

QUESTION. In your opionion WHAT IS THE MARK BEAST IN REVELATION????? I know it is not a day, computer chip, but a number because of the letters that make 666? So what do you know and how far off am I??? Oh! Revelation speaks about receiving the mark in the right hand or forehead that gives you the mark; and what translations do you have that say what the mark really is???

First, as with all passages of Scripture, context is king.  Many fixate on the mark of the beast  (Revelation 13:16-18; 14:9; 20:4) as if the mark of the beast were the most important image in the book of Revelation.  It is not. It also does not occur in a vacuum.   In fact, in the passage that it is mentioned the mark of the beast is placed in contrast to the mark placed on the 144,000 (Revelation 7:3 and 14:1).  I raise this because the mark of the beast does not stand alone in Revelation but it is nowadays curiously always mentioned alone, or apart from the necessary contrast that is always made in the book.  This is an important contextual observation for the following reason:  If you are going to literalize the mark of the beast, then you must literalize its counterpart which is the mark that is placed on the believers, the mark of Christ/God.
The context of Revelation is much more filled with the mark that is placed on those who believe and persevere than those who don’t believe and concede to the mark of the beast.  This marking (sometimes equated also with “naming”) begins in the letters to the seven churches in the beginning of the book.  In Pergamum those who overcome are given a new name and in Philadelphia this name is “written” on the overcomer, he is marked with this name.  In Revelation 5:9 the song of the Elders speaks of those “purchased for God” and this “marking” is an activity that speaks of ownership, you should think of the branding of cattle for a good corresponding action, in Revelation 14 those who are marked on the forehead are those who have been purchased.  In Revelation 7:3 the bond servants of God are described as those who will be sealed…on their foreheads.  In 9:4 the seal of God on the foreheads protects those who have it from the effects of the 5th trumpet.  This mark is summed up in 14:12 where we are told:  “Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus” and in Revelation 19 where Jesus is marked also with names written on Him and those names are described as one which no one knows, His name is called the Word of God, on his robe and thigh is written King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Revelation 22:4 pictures those in the new heavens and earth as those who have the name/mark on their forehead.   These are not meant to be understood as literal tattoos, but identifying marks characterizing obedience, allegiance, and action.
So the contrast is made to the mark of the beast, it is a reflection of the marking on the beast who has on his seven heads blasphemous names (13:1).  Those who follow the beast are characterized by allegiance and obedience to the beast, ie. they have his name written on them, they are marked by his mark.  The receiving of a mark is Revelation language for worshipping and following the beast and his ways which means denying the mark of Christ and His ways.  So also the whore of Babylon is marked with a name written on the forehead.  Again, not intended to be understood as a tattoo, but an identifier pointing to allegiance and worship and obedience.
Second, in order to understand Revelation we must travel backwards, not forwards.  What I mean by that is the book of Revelation is steeped in Old Testament imagery and reference.  When you don’t understand something in Revelation start looking first to the Old Testament.
These markings are reflected in the practice of the phylacteries:   “And it shall serve as a sign to you on your hand, and as a reminder on your forehead, that the law of the LORD may be in your mouth; for with a powerful hand the LORD brought you out of Egypt.  (Exo 13:9)  This obvious Old Testament imagery cannot be ignored.  The law of God was symbolically placed on the forehead and hand of Israelites to mark them as God’s people.  This is the important OT reference point for our understanding of the mark in Revelation.  The person who placed these symbols on their person was declaring an allegiance to God and a commitment to obedience as a covenant declaration.

I don’t believe that the mark has anything to do with verichip, bar codes or any such thing.  I think the numerological reference (666)  is adequately explained by the text:  it is the number of man.  If we need a more specific referent, I am most comfortable with identifying 666 with Nero.

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More Signage Evangelism, and Just Stupid Signage

More Signage Evangelism in our small town.  These handmade signs pop up on a regular basis and they always have a “compelling” message.  I love this sign.  It is soooo appropriate.  We should be afraid of the verichip in the same way we were afraid of bar codes in the 70’s and 80’s.  Look at the power the anti-Christ has with bar codes.  Sheesh.

Now that the bar code has been with us for some time, the shift is on.  It is not bar codes per se, but now it is bar codes in conjunction with implantable chips  (read about this pablum here).  This is the equivalent of Christian grafitti, it is a blight on the environment and most municipalities don’t allow this sort of signage.  Since I live in the “county” there are less controls.  nonetheless, the foil border is a nice touch of class.

The VeriChip is the new “projected” tool of the anti-Christ, his means of controlling what we buy and sell.  In essence, what left-behinders have done in the last few decades has been to brand any sort of technological achievement as a sign of the end times.  As things become better, they call them worse.

News flash to all who oppose technology: Evil people in positions of power have used whatever means available to them to control and abuse their subjects.  We have nothing to fear from technology, only the people who may misuse it.  Hence, the VeriChip is a  potentially helpful and therefore beneficial or potentially misusable and therefore harmful piece of technology.  So was fire.  Fire is used to warm us, cook, heat our water, and fire was used to burn Christians.  I oppose fire.

Staying with the same theme of stupid signs;  who is it that needs this sign?  Notice the step by step instructions!  The sign also implies that washing is optional for non-employees.  Some of you probably take it that way.  What particular educational system failed to tell us how to properly wash our hands?  This photo was taken at the Starbucks in Granada Hills, but I think it is in all Starbucks.  Is there not a hand washing section for Starbucks employees in their employee handbook?  Do they not cover it in orientation?  Are they hiring kindergartners???  And for all you slobs out there who forgot the basics of personal hygene, the foundation of a civilized people is:  WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

If you are easily offended, stop reading here.

For all you Boston Legal fans, do you remember when Alan Shore first meets Shirley Schmidt?  It is in the men’s restroom at the firm, and Alan extends his hand without washing his hand- a response to her inappropriate intrusion into the men’s room – and says “don’t worry, I have a very clean p$@#s”.  Trust me, you are not that clean.

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