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Temple Blog Podcast: John 6:60-71


This is the sermon from July 3, 2011 from John 6:60-71.

Here is a question that I received from a listener to this podcast:

Reverend, I listened to your sermon from July 3rd and I wonder what you would say to someone who has sincerely sought God and simply says that they do not believe?

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Reading Calvin

Some people believe that Calvinists are not Christians.  Odd.  Calvin may have been the greatest Christian mind given to the church.  His Institutes are worth reading, and they are not easy, so it may be easier to read with others.  Here are two websites that are moving through the Institutes this year, both in audio format and in print.  Challenge your mind to some deep thinking.

Douglas Wilson at Blog and Mablog

Princeton Theological Seminary

ht: Between Two Worlds; Douglas Wilson

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