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6 Steps to Freedom; 6 Patterns of Bondage

Steps to Freedom

  1. To Recognize is to admit that something needs to change
  2. To Repent is to identify destructive thought patterns that bind you to sin, renounce them by identifying them as lies
  3. To Renew is to adopt a new way of thinking
  4. To Replace is to exchange old behaviors with new ones
  5. To Reveal means to tell a trusted friend or mentor

Patterns of Bondage

  1. Rationalize bad behavior as normative, or blame others, or make the behavior extreme and unchangeable
  2. Continue in rebellion to what you know is right
  3. Habitualize your rebellion until it becomes a rut (addiction)
  4. Return to the same destructive patterns of behavior after repeated attempts to change
  5. Repeat the process
  6. Reject recognizing that the problem is yours and changeable.


Freedom Bondage
Recognize Rationalize
Repent Rebel
Renew Rut
Replace Return
Repeat Repeat
Reveal Reject/Refuse


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