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Jesus Saves Dogs

Jesus Saves DogsWell here we go again, Jesus appearing on a grilled cheese sandwich, Mary appearing all over, and Jesus appearing now on a doggy door.

The opening line of the article in the Riverside CA, Press Enterprise, January 17, 2007 read:

Is it divine intervention or just dirt on a doggy door?

The owners, on a proclaimed agnostic, the other a believer in god were apparently moved by this random collection of dirt, slobber and scratch marks, and have reconsidered getting rid of the two dogs, Max and Hercules. Max, having an aggressive streak was saved from the neeedle, Hercules a purebred lab saved from adoption into another family through the local pound. The power of an apparition…can save dogs. I am impressed how people can be moved by such silliness, having been unmoved by the cross.

Well, it is just dirt on a doggy door, as you can plainly see. The owners plan to frame and backlight the image…maybe people will marvel at this modern icon years in the future.

Jesus on Doggy Door

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