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You’ve seen the bumper stickers and window decals. NOTW. Not of this world.

Here are some reason to take those things off of your vehicle.

  1. No one cares. If you are telling unbelievers something, all they are doing is shrugging their shoulders, or worse, feeling your condescending message. Most Christian bumper stickers are translated by the unbelieving world as: I am better than you.
  2. When you are driving a luxury vehicle that cost 3-10 times more than the average house in the world, your claim to be not of this world is specious.
  3. When you drive like an idiot and then flip people off, your testimony really goes out the window, don’t you think?

True story. Driving down the freeway in Southern California and a SUV with NOTW emblazoned across the back window cuts off my friend and his two children coming down the mountain after a day of skiing. Speeding up to get alongside the individual, my friend raises his hands and shoulders in the universal “questioning” manner. If he could have spoken to him, it would have been a “what’s up?” He was greeted with an angry middle finger gesture. Maybe the car was loaned out to a friend, or stolen??? My guess is…unfortunately, probably not.

Let’s live our Christianity, not claim it on a bumper sticker.

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42 Responses

  1. While Jesus wants us to love all and not condemn them for being of this world in their sinful nature, we are called to be the salt and the light, He most assuredly does not want us to be of this world. Christ’s Kingdom does not lay here on this earth nor in the sinning mans heart. Make no mistake, our battle is not in the flesh but in the spirit. Romans 8:9 says: “But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his” (KJV). We being His subjects are in this world physically, yet we are not of this world, we are born from this world but are headed for another. We as followers of Christ are not the pupils of this world and we are not governed by this world or enriched with its wealth, but we are enriched with the wealth of wisdom. That is to say our riches lay in another place other than here on earth.
    Christ Himself said: “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence”, John 18:36 (KJV).
    Christ knew we would have battles and said that we would be persecuted for our faith, so who are we to tell were each mans heart lies with Christ?
    I think Jesus was far from the “norm” in His time. And this type of “branding”, just as anything else: i.e. cross necklaces, WWJD bracelets, and the “fish” logo, can be used to His glory. I do not believe you have to always wear your “religion” on your sleeve, so to speak, but more or less its how you are able to use it as a tool in you fight to win the souls of man to Christ.
    I work with youth and find this apparel to be a great alternative to what they could be wearing. Especially with there line in the women’s/girls section and the way they take it as a modesty ministry. People will always abuse the very thing that was meant to give God the glory, but that does not mean it can not be used by God in a powerful way. I mean if God can use a mule he Can and will use “NOTW”!

  2. Being a Christian trully states we are “not of this world” The bible states this over and over again. Now the reason being is not because we are “better” but it is simply because we do not live by our fleshy and worldly desires, but by our lords desires and the desires of the Holy Spirit. Thats all it simply means..Now as a believer when i see that sticker i simply smile because its a reminder that there is still hope for this world. If you are offended by a simple sticker that happens to be a relegious one, thats just basically “the bait of Satan”, which happens to be an incredibly amazing book you might just want to read it. How funny a sticker thats consistant of 4 letters can drive such a anger in people…No one has an issue w/ the gay flag sticker, or pornographic stickers, or roxy, oneal ect…You know why because that doesn’t offend Satan..It’s when someone stands for Christ, is when it attacks Satan and his “worldly” pleasures and it creates such a point being and i know it took me a while to get here is this, You will not understand the meaning of such a sticker if your a non-believer and im sorry for that, but don’t get offended by it. Being a Christian the most joyous thing to us is spreading our faith and leading someone to salvation, so don’t look at it as we are “better”, more as a “logo” to sell Jesus.

  3. Wow, Bree and everyone else, I am a Christian and the problem I have is with Christians putting stickers on their supra-worldly investment and then boldly claiming to be not of this world, then compounding the hypocrisy by driving in a way that is dangerous, illegal, and then expressing their total worldliness by their demeanor and gestures. Defending that kind of behavior because you have an attachment to a marketing ploy by Christian capitalists demonstrates that you need to do more thinking about what it means to be a Christian and what it means to proclaim the excellencies of the one who saved you. Sorry to be so blunt…

    Secondly, this has nothing to do with “Satan.”

    Thirdly, Jesus is not for sale.

    Finally, I wonder how many people are even aware of where the verse is where this phrase comes from, and the context of the verse. Do you? Or do you just interpret it off the back of a car.

  4. I see your point with the whole hypocrisy, and I agree that it is not Christ like to do what this person or other people do that claim to know Christ. I know you understand that as none of us is perfect, right? Again, who are we to judge the heart of that person? It was Christ that came to judge not man. It is not really about the Logo or a sticker or anything like this, its about how we wrap the culture around Christ using the tools that are at our disposal. There is nothing that replaces the Bible, which I think we would agree on; second just as Christ met people were they were in His time, so do we need to meet the people where they are. Again, with regards to youth, this has been a great alternative to what they could be wearing, and it goes to a non-profit company that has had several thousand people come to Christ since 2001 because of there impact in their community. That’s more than I can say for some of the ministries I have seen and been involved with in the past couple of years.

    I also agree with your statement that Jesus is not for sale. He offers Himself as a free gift to all who will come. It is their choice and is in their free will to do so.

    The verse is in my first statement and is also mentioned in John 8:23,”And He said to them, “You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world”.

    I would say that it does have something to do with Satan. Just look at the blog here and the passion from both sides. Any time you profess Christ in any type of venture and are bringing people out of the darkness with the message of Christ, you better believe Satan is there. It may be a sticker or just another fish logo to you, but people are being impacted by its massage. And you and I both know that this message has nothing to do with a sticker.

    I will always put my money in the hands of Christ. He gave it to me in the first place, and really…its not my money to begin with. Better to buy a t-shirt from a non-profit organization that is spreading the gospel then to put it into the hands of the real “capitalists”, like oohhh say a “Ford” t-shirt, or a “Playboy-Bunny” t-shirt, est.

    Anyway, great topic! I think its not a perfect answer kinda thing, but when we are in heaven we will not have to worry about who was right or wrong.

  5. AH, I hate when I miss quote things. It is not a non- profit company it just gives some of its profits to the non-profit outreach ministry that it runs. This is also supported by thousands of people and many mainstream Christian artists. Sorry for the miss quote. Until next time.

  6. Sticker or not, nobody should be acting like a jerk. In situations dealing with driving or traffic, it seems it’s always “the other person’s fault”. There are two sides to every situation. One person could be trying to get over to make an exit or something, and the other person is not paying attention, so the person has to cut someone off, both people think it’s the other’s fault.

    My point being is that Christians aren’t perfect, and shouldn’t have to wait until they are perfect to be representing the Christian name. “You can’t put on a sticker until you are a perfect driver.” What?? If you want the world to know you are Christian, then let them know.

    Always strive to be a better Christian, but you can’t compare your Christianity to another persons, your walk might be in a different stage. You shouldn’t judge people based on what car they drive or how they choose to praise Christ.

    Personally I don’t care if people shrug their shoulders or think I am self righteous, that is the devil telling them to think like that.

    All that matters are my intentions and that’s what Jesus recognizes.

    I am praising God for all to see. It’s a statement of our love for Jesus. is their website, the proceeds go to Youth Ministries. Their clothing also has verses and other things all over them. Anyone wearing or sporting NOTW has read about what it means. It’s all over their website.

  7. I also have another thing to add, about the tattoo comment. I have a tattoo on my upper back of a cross with wings.

    I prayed and prayed and met with a Pastor and read about it before deciding to get it done. I felt like I needed to get it for a few reasons, one of the biggest reasons was ACCOUNTABILITY. I wanted a statement of my faith that would never go away. Something I could not deny or change. I wanted a branding on me that says “this soul belongs to Christ”. I wanted to confront my faith and put it out there for all to see, until this shell is dead and gone.

    I prayed about it right before I got it, I was scared it would hurt. I said “Lord, I want to glorify you. If this is your will, please lift the pain from me.”

    And guess what? I didn’t feel a thing. It did not hurt one bit. It was a type of miracle for me, Jesus knows my heart and my intentions and I believe he blessed my decision.

  8. Interesting blog and replies. I am a little disappointed that when you see someone with a NOTW sticker who drives or act poorly that your reaction is to suggest removing the sticker instead of improving the behavior.

    Yes, I drive a big truck, and yes, I will be placing a sticker that costs me a whopping $5 on it, simply because when I see the sticker other places it reminds me, amid all the frustration and stress of daily life, to take a deep breath and remember that Christ is there for me and I really don’t need to be concerned with all the little things so much, and I hope to give that occasional reminder to others too.

    I drive a big truck for the simple reason that it gets me home, through the snow, to tuck in my son every single night. Not because I feel the need to flaunt wealth (I bought it used) or haul dirt or water toys around (I don’t own any).

    If others want to display the sticker, go for it! I thank them for that reminder that helps me so often. And if they speed, forget to use their turn signal, or get really mad and give someone the bird… well… my suggestion isn’t to take the sticker (be it NOTW or a fish or any other) off, but rather to look at it more often. Keep the sticker… improve the life!

  9. Thanks Jimy for visiting and posting…

    Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to interact with rude Christian drivers…or else I would encourage them to behave better. And you are very right in focusing on the need for Christians to encourage one another to behave better…keep it up!

    I don’t begrudge Christians owning nice things. I also own a nice car (purchased used) and other nice things. I was simply pointing out the glaring inconsistency of the message proclaimed and the lifestyle demonstrated. What amazes me is the sensitivity and emotion associated with this particular issue. Of all the things I have written about on this blog, this one is third on the list of most comments made. That is odd to me. It reminds me of a sermon I preached entitled: Bumper Sticker Christianity. Our lives must push past surface level spirituality that can find encouragement and evangelism on the bumpers of passing vehicles.

  10. hey all of this offence taken by other’s driving behavior is a great opportunity to practice forgiveness and loving in Jesus’ name. If im not mistaken its our own thoughts and actions that we are responsible for not other’s. And what power has a middle finger compared to a loving, forgiving heart in Christ???

  11. If you’ve never been rude behind the wheel it’s a pleasure to meet the second person on earth who has never been rude. You might want to work on that bitterness and resentment thing though. If some silly sticker spins you up so much don’t put one on your car but don’t talk down to those that do. The NOTW (or any Christian sticker) is an awesome way for spontaneous fellowship to break out. Standing in the parking lot at Mammoth (with my nice skis and nice truck, purchased new….sorry) and a couple walks over and says hi, would you like to pray before we ski. Then more people see us praying and come over. You know it made a nice little break “from this world.” Oh and the reason there’s so many hits is because anyone looking for a NOTW sticker like me gets this site. (BTW, the sticker is for my nice boat, purchased new…sorry) But who knows maybe during one of our impromptu fellowship meetings at Catalina or Mammoth someone passing by will come to the Lord.

  12. I went back to look at your site and can’t believe you say you don’t have the opportunity to interact with rude Christian drivers. You pastor a church in SoCal. Next time you’re on the pulpit look around, there will be a whole room full of them in front of you. And then you call buying a sticker “an attachment with a marketing ploy by Christian capitalists”, pretty rich. Maybe they’re tithing the money but that would require a less bitter outlook. Or maybe your ministry is just “a marketing ploy to spread radical environmentalism”. Sounds pretty ridiculous when it’s pointed at you doesn’t it.

  13. Mike,
    Are you serious? Bumper stickers are now an awesome way for spontaneous fellowship to break out! So, in my friends case, being flipped off was a cryptic invitation to fellowship?

    If you cannot see the point I was making, and agree with it, I am amazed. If you do not object to (and put both things together) putting bumper stickers proclaiming a radically different lifestyle while blatantly violating the values of Jesus then you are simply being obtuse. I don’t put silly stickers on my car…but I will talk directly to people who abuse their freedom in Christ, and so should you.

    I never made a claim to being free from occasional rudeness. Your observation regarding my emotional state is off base. I am neither bitter nor resentful, but thanks for your gentle chiding.

    Mike, maybe you should consider buying some of your NOTW toys used…and give the extra money to help the poor. Why not put a sticker on your car encouraging people to help orphans and widows, instead of flaunting materialism masked as religion? Why is it so important to you to “justify” your new purchases? A great blog conversation for Christians would be our bowing to a culture of consumerism. Here is an idea, take all the money you would spend at Xmas and instead of buying our over-indulged children more things that tie them to this world, why don’t you give all that away?

  14. All this in defense of a bumper sticker…

    My comments were made in reference to a real (not imaginary) situation. Why is it Mike that you choose to characterize my ministry and the people in the church I serve without ever speaking to them or witnessing their behavior? I described a person’s behavior as unacceptable and then challenged an optional and at best peripheral Christian behavior. This makes me in your opinion bitter and resentful…because I object to equating frivolous behavior with substantive Christianity!?! You are making my point…bumper sticker christianity (sic) is sub-par christianity. Substantive Christianity has graduated from this level of expression.

    I meant that when driving, there is not opportunity to interact with a person regarding their behavior. I interact with my congregation many times per week. I encourage them regularly to move beyond base behavior.

    Do you have something against the environment?

  15. NOTW bumper stickers help to remind us that our gas-guzzling, off-roading, behemoths are not not unjustified forays into consumerism and ecological destruction, but are glowing reminders that each 8 mpg takes us one step closer to being “caught up.”

    Advent is an especially appropriate time to consider this decal. Don’t you think? You know, so we can remember that Jesus came to us in an otherwordly manger, born to ethereal parents, and raised in a sprightly white tower…oh wait…dang!

  16. This segment is a joke..If we should not minister because we sometimes fall short then the guys who printed the Bible for all of us should not have because I am sure they did ungodly things from time to time. Focus on praying for the lost and search your heart instead of the hearts of others…

  17. Maybe the guy was driving all crazy to get to church in time because his mother died right when the service started…I am sure you have never been in a hurry before.

  18. I want to clarify for all of you what C28 and it’s clothing line NOTW is all about. You may think this is biased information coming from a guy that manages one of the stores, but I pray you all continue reading and are encouraged.

    C28, which stands for Colossians 2:8, stands for not being deceived and taken captive by this world but being all about Christ. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy cars, own businesses, and it certain;y does not mean that everyone becomes perfect the moment they put a NOTW sticker on the rear window of their car.

    But I want to praise God in saying that because of the company’s conception in the year 2000, there have been over 10,500 people who have accepted Christ as their personal Lord and savior inside a store! How amazing is that?! This is not because we “make money off christian clothing” (because in fact, the company has not been yet profitable) but because God’s Word never returns back in void… even on a shirt!

    NOTW helps encourage believers to be BOLD in their faith. And hopefully may help unify the body of Christ.

    Thank you all so much for your support of our ministry! I pray you forgive those that have poor driving skills and attitudes.

    Praise the Lord for hitting the modern day market (the malls) and using us to deliver your message. All glory to you!

  19. I have enjoyed reading this blog and many of you have very interesring takes on the subject! However many also miss the point of the gospel and the great commision, we are all called to preach the gospel, (not to worry about offending non- believers) we should be in thier face with kindness and TRUTH. As for the comments concerned with material wealth, Whatever! God rejoices in our enjoying stuff,there are many verses refering to the prosperous heart of the Lord, and who would make a better witness for Christianity a successful well off person with money in the bank or a poor person with nothing to speak of , besides how can you be a blesseing (financially) to others if you have nothing to give! the issue is who is your true God? money ? I mean why are people so hung up on the stuff? its a tool we all need either to survive or to reach the lost. and for the notw debate we (the born again christian) are called to be in this world and not of this world! and the reference to John 8:23 you should read verses 21 and 22 so you can see who Jesus was talking to! you must know the context in order to fully understand. Its like the Christians who identify with the scripture that says his ways are not our ways! he wasnt talking to Christians! He was talking to the wicked! Read the whole book


  21. NOTW = Outer Space Aliens, If I wasn’t a Christian that’s what I would assume it meant. People don’t generally think of them selves as “the world” in the same way a Christian does. I think most people think of it as this planet or the world as we know it. I know the intentions are probably good behind it but I think all it does is alien-ate (pun intended) us from the world who we are here to reach.

  22. In the opinion of a ‘non-believer’ who generally gets along well with christians… I have to say that these NOTW jokers are really lowering my tolerance level for you folks.

    I can’t think of any segment of christians so derisive as these people parading around in their giant gas guzzlers with their pretentiously moronic ‘Not of this World’ banners. How do you level-headed christians tolerate this poison?

  23. Hey Jason,
    Thanks for reading and for commenting. Believe me I am frustrated, this post (which I think is a silly topic) gets more response than the many substantive issues I have tried to address and that is mind-boggling to me.

    I find that on this issue I have more agreement from “non-believers”. Take heart from my experience, there are many in the “believer” category who are far from moronic. As to how we tolerate this poison, I don’t. But people in every category (believer, unbeliever or otherwise) need to grow up, and mostly people need time to do so. I see this as adolescent behavior that will hopefully be “left behind” (another moronic poison) as people mature. Here’s hoping and praying for others.

    Please don’t make the logical error of hasty generalization based on the behavior you are seeing.

  24. Jason,

    I followed your link to the YouTube Video called the Pale Blue Dot…interesting. I posted this comment at YouTube:

    Love the video and have struggled with this idea personally…but all that was said is that “size matters”, as if that is some sort of trump card. It isn’t a good argument since it presumes that if we were important we would be bigger. Not necessarily true.

  25. Hey Steve,

    I understand your frustration and it sounds like you understand mine. I have nothing against people believing whatever it is that they want to believe (within reason). I just have a problem with this growing trend of aggressive and shallow ‘bumper-sticker’ christianity constantly shoving it’s stupid face into mine.

    Linking the pale blue dot video was not meant to spark a specific religious debate but rather to try to remind some of your NOTW readers that they are indeed ‘part of this world’ and what pompous assholes they look like claiming otherwise.

    Whether or not this is the message NOTW is trying to get across… this is how they are being perceived. I would recommend as a strategy for their survival as a company that they either a.) find another bible verse to use as their company’s identity or b.) get out of the business of commercializing Jesus and re-brand as a secular bro-cal type apparel company that still targets their customer base (ex. no fear, fox, billabong, metal mulisha…etc.)

  26. When I was at Spirit West Coast in Montery last week (woohoo SWC 08!) I saw some really great tees that had awesome messages. It seems that secular and non-secular messages on shirts can, and do, get a lot of attention from everyone. How often do you catch yourself reading the text on someone’s shirt? I’m a cashier, so I’m dealing with a lot of people all day and I can say that about 90% of the people who come into the store have SOME sort of text/logo on their shirts. And I usually, consciously or not, read them. My father and I have a disagreement about christian music (seems off topic, but I have a point). He says christians should not have drums in their music because drums are satan’s insturments. I’m assuming it has something to do with the way the beat makes some people move their bodies, or something, I don’t know. My argument (and my point) is that if we can take something the devil has used to manipulate people with and turn it into something to glorify God with, what better slap in the face to satan is that? There are some things that satan uses that just cannot be made to glorify the Lord (i.e. people using drugs to attain spiritual elightenment) but with things like advertising, we sure can use them. And we should. People complain about commercialism being crammed down their throats because it’s everywhere. And most of the brands out there, Abercrombie and Finch (or whatever) Hollister, Dolce & Gabana…they give the impression that “I’m wearing this because I’m better than you” far more than any sticker, shirt or otherwise with the logo NOTW could ever send.

    As far as your friend’s nasty experience with the driver, as a christian, I would like to offer my apology that FIRST; to the Lord that a fellow christian forgot his place amoung your people and caused so much dismay where he could have been used as your witness with a sign of patience and understanding and forgiveness. SECOND; Sir, as a christian I would like to apologize to you and your friend that a member of faith caused you so much dismay. I ask you to open your hearts with understanding and forgiveness that you not be put off by the acts of one christian, but are rather moved by the hearts of so many more of us out there who wish to live lives that glorify God.

    I will pray that the Lord touch the hearts of His followers world wide that we may ALL be reminded to live in a way that brings Him glory and honor.

  27. Oh, BTW my fav shirt I saw at SWC said “The devil needs only one thing; Christians to do nothing.”

  28. I am working on a new post about NOTW…this is just amazing to me.

    Shannon, I appreciate your comments and you sound like a very nice person, but I think you missed my point. I am not looking for an apology and these kind of things do not impact my faith. We also don’t have the prerogative to apologize for others. The post was critical of Christians who misunderstand the life of Christ, who equate evangelism with wearing a shirt or putting a bumper sticker on their car. Especially when there is no substantive difference between their lifestyle and the world they claim to not be a part of.

    I know you might find this beyond comprehension, but when we “one up” other people in the spiritual realm, we give them the impression that we are better than them in the most important category of all. Marketing Christ on a t-shirt is not evangelism.

  29. NOTW is just another jesus freak organization that is simply profiting from “believers”. Every person I’ve seen on the road with one of these stickers on their car looks like some kind of born again, I used to be a stripper/drug dealer, etc type person and are generally driving a massive SUV. I’m sure God’s plan is for everyone to kill the ozone and force smaller cars off the road.

    God bless America.

    And oh yea, vote McCain for change. LOL

  30. I myself when I first saw the NOTW on a big ole SUV with knobby tires and the like, I thought it was the name of a Heavy Metal Band. I had to google it to find out what it meant. When I see it now, I still think the same thing. Why do people feel the need to advertise religion. Are they that insecure that if they don’t keep reminding everyone out on the road, we’ll forget there is religion? I don’t advertise my religious beliefs on my car. Now I do advertise my love of Sea Turles, Hybiscus flowers and Jimmy Johnson though. Is that the same?

  31. Yes Aunt Patsy, it is the same.

    No one cares about your love for hybiscus or turtles. Maybe in a context other than the freeway, I might be interested…

    Jimmy Johnson??? Football coach??? Neighbor???

    I didn’t know I had an Aunt Patsy.

  32. Thank you Chance…but I have neck friends, my brother has “numbers” pasted on his truck!!! I was being sarcastic…you know, NOTW stickers, Hybiscus stickers, NASCAR stickers…all of us peddling/promoting something.

    Everything has its appropriate place. Part of this discussion highlights bumper sticker
    Christianity as the equation of my faith in Christ with Sally is an honor student at Triple Crown Elementary School, or my grandkids are cuter than yours. Doesn’t this strike anyone as inappropriate? Jesus isn’t in competition with Jimmy Johnson. And when we plaster him on bumper stickers with inane platitudes we reduce him to that, another hobby or interest.

  33. NOTW is a fraud on Christians:

    They are a

    company (of this world)
    that takes money (of this world)
    for clothing (of this world)
    to hide nakedness (of this world)

    Lipstick on a pig.

  34. Christians are no better than the Muslims. They both have the same ideas. If you don’t believe than you better convert or else. Blah Blah Blah!

    You are all fools. Being lead by mere men who want only to control your lives and take material things from you.

    It’s time to wake up people. Religions are nothing more than corrupt organizations that survive off your fears. Ask yourself this. What makes “your leaders” better than you? Why can’t you believe in what you want to believe in? Did you choose what to believe or are you just following your parents? Who were following theirs and so on.

    It’s time to think for yourselves and stop being a sheep heading for the dinner table.

    And yes, I do believe in GOD. But, that’s were I draw the line. I don’t believe man can speak for GOD, only to GOD.

  35. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2:15

    “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2

    The posts here about “NOTW” are full of people talking about all the material things of the world: t-shirts, tattoos, decals/stickers, skis, trucks, boats and “whatever” they are NOT willing to give up.

    They speak about “who would make a better witness for Christianity a successful well off person with money in the bank or a poor person with nothing to speak of “ ???

    This sounds exactly like the rich young ruler !!!

    “So when Jesus heard these things, He said to him, ‘You still lack one thing. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.’” Luke 18:22

    Who was Jesus talking to in John chapter 8 ? Jesus is definitive about whom he was addressing when he spoke in John 8:42-44. While you’re at it, read what Jesus declared to this same audience in the next verse (John 8:45.)

    If you think “branding” … “can be used to His glory.” Or perhaps you agree it is OK to “glorify the Lord” … “with things like advertising,” and you see no problem placing Christ down at the same level as “Abercrombie and Finch … Hollister, Dolce & Gabana” … “or whatever”… I would suggest you search for the article, “Jesus is Not a Brand” (Christianity Today, January, 2009.) You may find there some fresh insight on that matter.

    Or check out Kevin Offner’s “A Call to Radical Holiness” (Student Leadership Journal, Winter1997 / Spring1998.) He says, “There is just no getting around it: Jesus said more about money than he did about any other single topic. Money easily becomes an idol (anything in which we place our security and trust instead of God).” Furthermore,” We must be marked by our frugality and self-restraint, knowing from daily experience how to say no to the consumerist impulse our culture foists on us. The cross needs to come to bear on each of our lifestyles – it cannot be mere business-as-usual. Whenever people walk into our dorm room, or see the clothes we wear or watch how we spend our discretionary money, they should see something different about our priorities. They should quickly notice that materialism just doesn’t seem to have much of a pull on us.”

    The favorite t-shirt of the devil would read, “I only need Christians to Love the Things of the World.”

    Watch the message delivered on October 1, 2006 by Francis Chan. (I don’t know pastors’ Francis or Steve but I’m sure neither of them will mind if I use the words of Steve to describe what Francis did on that day.) . Francis Chan stood before the congregation he serves and spoke “directly to people who abuse their freedom in Christ.” (See “Lukewarm and Lovin’ It.” It’s available on YouTube.)

    I pray that God would reveal to me those areas in which I am lukewarm and that He may grant me strength to overcome my own weaknesses. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

  36. John 17:14 KJV
    I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world

    John 17:16 KJV
    They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

    The NOTW symbol is just a simple statement of these scriptures. Christ calls us as Christians to be in the world and NOT OF THE WORLD. We must strive to share His love and His compassion with those around us and not be sidetracked by the things the world has to offer. I have a NOTW decal on my car but I CERTAINLY DO NOT think that I am better than anyone else. I’m just a sinner saved by grace!!!

  37. Hello I just want to say that I agree with what Steve posted. I am a born-again Christian, and I take that title because I am so proud to be called by the name of the Only Christ. You have to understand that when a person that lived their life so wickedly has been so transformed on the inside by the power of the Holy Spirit, one becomes so grateful, and they want to share it with the world. And I understand that you don’t care, and it’s ok that you don’t care. I once didn’t care either, but all that changed when I met my Maker. I really appreciate what you wrote on here because what you are saying is exactly what I tell so called Christians, and I am very bold about it. I tell them that the world is watching us to slip, so if you say you are a true follower of Jesus act like Jesus, He is so loving and the most ungudmental person in the universe. I do not feel like I am better than anyone else…..I just feel that the better part of me, that I feel, I want to share with everyone….I say you too can have love, joy, peace, patience, longsuffering and a lot of other attributes that God Himself has. And you can have all this all the time. For it is the goodness of God that leads all men to repentance. Thanks again for your post.

  38. freaky, steve.

    i live right around the corner from you in San Jacinto and just posted on this very topic.

    could it be that riverside county has a disproportionate amount of NOTW sticker-types?

    my friend took a great photo of the back of a huge truck here in Hemet.

    the NOTW sticker was proudly displayed…between the naked-chick-angel-in-heels and the naked-chick-devil-in-heels.

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