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Global Warming

Read this article from the London Times entitled: An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change.

Another post I need to write is how conservative political philosophy in America has come to be regarded as Christian philosophy. The environment is one of those areas that we have given over, and given up on as Evangelicals. Now there is a discussion that needs to happen. Imagine, our first commandment in the Bible  (which arguably may be the only commandment in the Bible)  is being spurned by the modern Christian. Do you know any Christians who belong to environmental groups? Do you know of any Christian environmental groups? I would say you do not, mostly because you view environmental issues and environmentalists as “whackos” to quote you know who. Careful you don’t formulate your whole world view based on radio talk show hosts.

Regardless of what you “think” the cause of global warming is, there is no excuse for Christians not caring for the earth, whatever that might mean. We better start discussing it, not because of a doomsday fear, but because we fear God, the maker of heaven and earth.

Check out the following links to start your own investigation and discussion

My good friend Roy Goble and his wife D’aun started the Christian Environmental Association, and Gordon Aeschliman also a friend from college days was the President of CEA for a while.
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  1. Thanks for calling this to our attention. Slowly the church is waking up to the glory and fragility of God’s creation, and to our role as stewards. We also need to be aware of how dependent we are on our environment. The poor are especially closely connected and they are the first ones to be hurt when things go wrong.

    For example deforestation is literally killing people today. These are people who have lost their water resources, their soil and their farm land as a result of deforestation. To find out more, and to find out what Christians are doing to change this, visit us at

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