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Richard Dawkins on BBC

Short interview with Richard Dawkins, the author of The God Delusion. Might as well let him speak for himself.  I have also posted two videos in the sidebar (VodPod) that are lengthy – one is a lecture by Dawkins, the second is a Q& A with him.

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  1. Nothing new here. If you completely rule out any possibility of a miracle then you wouldn’t believe it even if you saw it. Dawkins would say it is a hallucination. If he witnessed Jesus’s second coming and was thrown into a lake of fire, he would still say it’s all in his head. He is amazingly unsuspicious of his own conclusions.

    I do agree with him in one respect. If your goal is to be happy, then don’t bother with religion. Christianity tells you to love when you want to hate, forgive when you want to hold a grudge, and serve when you would rather be served. Dying to self is not a happy proposition.

  2. No worries, we can edit…

    Now there is another topic for another blog post and discussion: How is the most happiness achieved. Psalm 16:11, is that just for heaven??

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