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Your Impression of Your Church

Michael Spencer writes a provocative and personal piece about church titled “On Going Back to a SBC Church.” I have been having discussions with different people about their impressions of their churches and their disappointments and joys. I would be interested in your views…leave a comment.

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  1. I really delight in my SBC church. I was surprised when I found out it was Southern Baptist, but I’m really growing to appreciate our association with the SBC. It has its critics and its shortcomings, but I am pleased for the most part with the SBC. More importantly, I am profoundly delighted by my particular church. Jesus is loved and so are folks. Nobody can come in and not be received, but at the same time faithfulness isn’t compromised.

    I have learned so much and been helped through crisis. I can’t say enough about my church.

  2. One of the things I’d like to say about church is to be faithful to a body of believers no matter what the cost. Don’t jump ship with every problem and issue. Be patient with God’s help. Learn what you are suppose to learn with a body in the long haul. Don’t jump ship ahead of what God wants to teach you. Even if things aren’t exciting hang in there! Not too theological but practical!

  3. I really enjoyed this paragraph in his article of the church.

    A movement, not an institution. People crossing boundaries. People with the Kingdom vision of Jesus, and who don’t assume that the church in any place, time and culture is more than what it is: people who belong to Jesus in whom the Spirit is working. Lewis knew this, and never went church shopping. He was the church and lived the church. He endured the Anglican church at the end of the road, but he never made the mistake of letting it define him.

    “People who belong to Jesus in whom the Spirit is working”. That is the key, to remember. If you jump ship you can’t help bail.

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