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Kiss The Kids

BMW Wreck

“Kiss the kids.” My brother signs off our phone conversations with that phrase and tonight is one of those nights.

I left the house tonight on my way to a meeting. As I was driving down Contour, I noticed this car on the side of the road and a tall young man next to it. Grateful that the car ahead of me had pulled over, I got ready to continue on my merry way…I was late. As I got closer the realization that it was Caleb (my third son who had just gotten his license and made his way into my previous post) was the tall young man standing next to my BMW, which looked like he had turned it into a jeep.

I pulled over to greet a grateful son, glad to see his dad, and I was glad to see him OK. The accident had just happened and he hadn’t even had a chance to call anyone. A car had veered into his lane and forced him off the road, and just kept on driving. When the CHP arrived she informed us that with no witnesses and no actual collision, the report would read Caleb at fault. Innocent until proven guilty. Go figure.

Well, I am very happy to have a healthy son or four…Kiss the kids.

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  1. Oh my. I’m glad Caleb is ok. Please forgive me but the photo looks like it’s in some foreign country, ambushed and run off the road. I’m glad he missed that pole…
    Praise da Lord no one was hurt!!!

  2. That is not as bad as when I sank my truck. Don’t ask. Who am I kidding everyone is going to ask. 🙂

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