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Westmont vs. Azusa Pacific Soccer Match

Westmont College is my alma mater.  I met my wife Kelly there.  My oldest son Timothy graduated in 2007.  My sons Levi (Junior) and Caleb (Freshman) attend presently and my youngest (Joseph) has always wanted to attend and will probably attend.  So it was with anguish and a heightened sense of anxiety that I watched the college burn last Thursday night.  I watched my son’s dorm as it was on fire.  We are still waiting to find out the status of his room and whether his belongings are intact.  We have had some of the displaced Westmont students in our home the last few days.

In the middle of all of the tragedy, the Westmont men’s soccer team was scheduled to play the Golden State Athletic Conference championship game against Azusa Pacific University (APU) on Saturday. APU graciously agreed to postpone the game.  And Monday was a soccer day for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Westmont win, I will leave the cliche’s and hyperbole for the articles listed below.  I simply love to see Westmont beat APU, and especially under these circumstances.  Read about the wonderful relationship between the coaches (they are brothers), the good sportsmanship displayed by APU, and the hospitality and camaraderie that comes from both competition and common faith.  Really heartwarming.

Read a great story before the game on Azusa’s Website about the rivalry and friendship among the teams.  The website ran this story about the game.  Bill Plaschke of the LA Times wrote this really good story as well.

3 Responses

  1. I read the LA Times story, it made me cry and smile. I have not heard about Caleb’s room? did it make it? My prayers have been with all the students, parents and alums. My your Thanksgiving be blessed and sweet time with the boys.
    DorRae (Pecos’ mom)

  2. Hey, you need to update the story. Westmont has gone on to beat Holy Names last Saturday night. Now on to the tournament.

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