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William Lane Craig debates Sam Harris

There are 9 total YouTube videos, you can find the rest on YouTube.

William Lane Craig debates Sam Harris on the topic “Does Good Come From God?”  Dr. Craig simply demolishes Dr. Harris in this philosophical debate.  Harris demonstrates no capacity to offer an argument in response to Craig.  In the absence of argument he resorts to ad hominem, consistent deflection, emotionalism and vitriol.  He fails to make a philosophical or logical argument, never addresses the powerful logical points that Craig makes and attempts to bait him to abandon his argument by trying to drag him into the morass of which religious fundamentist perspective is worse:  the Taliban or rabid Christians who want everyone to go to hell.  He uses the phrase “morally reprehensible” to describe by inference people like Dr. Craig, then backs down when Craig calls him on it.  Harris’ presentation in this debate is disrespectful and in fact he behaves in a “morally reprehensible” way.  When he uses his calm, confident albeit flatulent “reasoning” to obfuscate and denigrate, his self-deception is shoved down the throats of his willing readers and followers.

Craig does a good job here of staying on topic and with few exceptions resists the temptation to take the bait of Harris.  Harris admits to being afraid of his performance in this debate with Craig and he proved that he had every reason to fear; he loses miserably.  What Harris demonstrates is an utter disrespect for the philosophical framework as a legitimate concourse for truth seeking, finding and debating.  Alvin Plantinga pointed out the shallowness of these “New Atheists” when he reviewed Richard Dawkin’s book “The God Delusion” which he called “The Dawkins Confusion: Naturalism ad absurdum”. These guys are all hype and very little substance.  These guys are simply shock jock amateur philosophers, who like Harris walk into Notre Dame and brazenly mock transubstantiation.  That is not good argumentation, and it certainly demonstrates a poor grasp on morality.

For those of you who wanted a more “theological” or “Christian” response, this was a philosophical debate.  Dr. Craig several times delineated the boundaries when he says this debate is not about the existence of God or to defend a particular theistic system like Christianity, rather he rightly stayed on topic and demanded an answer to his rebuttal of Harris’ misguided and mistaken arguments that an atheistic world view can provide an objective ground for morality.

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