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90 Day Challenge Day 45

Read Psalm 109 – 134


109. Don’t be Silent
110. Messianic Psalm
111. Hallel
112. Hallel
113. Hallel
114. God’s Deliverance
115. Not to Us
116. I Love the Lord
117. Hallel
118. Give Thanks to the Lord
119. Longest Psalm:  Alphabet Psalm
120. Song of Ascents
121. Song of Ascents
122. Song of Ascents
123. Song of Ascents
124. Song of Ascents
125. Song of Ascents
126. Song of Ascents
127. Song of Ascents
128. Song of Ascents
129. Song of Ascents
130. Song of Ascents
131. Song of Ascents
132. Song of Ascents
133.Song of Ascents
134. Song of Ascents

Psalm Facts: The Hallel Psalms (113-118) are the Psalms that begin and end with the Hebrew word “Hallel” which means praise and the foundation of the word Hallelujah.  These are the Psalms that Israel sang during the Passover and most likely the hymns that were sung by Jesus and his disciples at Passover (Matthew 26:30).  Some have said that they also form the foundation of the Lord’s Prayer.

The Songs of Ascent are the 15 Psalms (120-134) that begin with the phrase “Song of Ascent.”  There are many ideas about the meaning of this phrase but the most likely is that they are songs that were sung as an approach to the Temple which was on the highest part of Jerusalem.  In the Temple was a wide stairway of 15 stairs that led into the inner courtyard.  The Priests are said to have ascended these 15 steps singing each Psalm on the corresponding ascending stair.

Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm in the Psalms and is an acrostic; each section is headed by a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

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