I’m Steve Bagdanov…here is a little about me:

I grew up in Montebello, California the 6th child of Russian immigrants.  I went to high school in Whittier, California and attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara where I majored in Religious Studies and almost Philosophy.  I opted for a semester in Israel and didn’t get my Metaphysics and Epistemology classes in for a major in Philosophy.   It was at Westmont that I met my wife, Kelly and we have been married since 1981.

Kelly  and I have four sons, Timothy (’85), Levi (’88), Caleb (’90) and Joseph (’92).  Timothy (2007), Levi (2010), and Caleb (2012) and Joseph (2014) all graduated from Westmont.  We have a high commitment to education and Westmont.  All four of our sons were home schooled as well.  My wife ran a home school group called Grace Preparatory School (from  1996 to 2016) and is a master blogger herself at KellyBagdanov.com.

I was a pastor, first at Canyon Hills Evangelical Free Church (1985-1990) and then at Olive Grove Church (1991-2016).  I attended Westminster Theological Seminary and graduated from Talbot Seminary and School of Theology in 1985 with that most pretentious of degrees, Master of Divinity.  Somehow I think I will never master divinity.  My theological leanings are changing.

The Temple is a place to engage people in a deeper way in the integration of theology, philosophy and Bible, and sometimes I just talk about whatever interests me.  Feel free to make a comment, I believe in the priesthood of all believers and what better place to engage the priesthood but in the Temple!!
The guy in the photo with me is my father. The guy in the photo at the top of the post is a relative from the old country – rugged roots. I struggle to know what the generational connections will come to, what their significance will be. Are they simply random connections? The further away both historically and geographically I travel the connection loosens, for good or bad. Maybe that is what eternity is, a connection of dots of past and geography, an explanation of sorts of who we are and were.