12 Months to a Better Believer: Convictions

Convictions 12 Months to a Better Believer I received this e-mail recently… I hate my life… I can’t force myself to have morals… I want them but I can’t make myself have them and I’m getting annoyed! I know what I have to do to be happy why can’t I just do it? Is there […]

12 Months to a Better Marriage: Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage 12 Months to a Better Marriage, Part 3   Love and Marriage. The perfect match. How does the Bible define love? The marriage assignment is to evaluate and define love.  We turn to a classic passage and the main character of the Bible.  Two simple assignments follow.  As a couple tackle the […]

12 Months to a Better Believer: Conviction

Conviction 12 Months to a Better Believer, Part 3 The 12 month to a better you for this month has to do with conviction. The essence of conviction has to do with the work of the Spirit in your life. Here is the key verse: “And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning […]

12 Months to a Better Family: Organic

Organic is the new buzzword in food and business. But it has been around a long time in the church/family conversation. We have talked about the church being an organism not an organization, that it has an organic character that goes beyond good planning and strategy. It has to do with the presence of the […]

12 Months to a Better Believer: Confidence

Confidence The word “confidence” is a word that is made up of two latin words: “con” which means “with” and “fidere” which means “faith”.  So we might define “confidence” etymologically as “with faith”.  I like that definition.  When playing softball (as a crazy 51 year old I still have the “confidence” or maybe it is just insanity) […]

12 Months to a Better Marriage: Trust, Rights,Responsibilities

Trust, Rights, Responsibilities This months marriage assignment is to adjust our ideas about the place of rights in a marriage. I have challenged every couple I counsel with this adage: “You have no rights in your marriage, only responsibilities.” So here are some exercises, more additions in the comments section as the week and month […]

12 Months to a Better Family: Identity

The first task for Family development matches the first task for Personal development.  It is an identity task.  So we turn to a passage of Scripture that has as its focus our primary “family” attachment, the book of Galatians.  The reason we start here is that much of parenting today has to do with behavior […]

12 Months to a Better Marriage: Expectations etc.

12 Months to a Better Marriage Expectations are the starting point in any marriage equation. You have them. Lots of them. Some of them are conscious; some of them are unconscious. Some of them are legitimate; some of them are not. Most of your fights center around expectations. Since we are married to a human […]

12 Months to a Better You: Conversion II

12 Months to a Better You  Step #1: Conversion Conversion is the foundation for all change. All change is conversion. The first conversion is the conversion of power. The conversion of power is a conversion of who is in control of not only my life but every area of my life: relationships (marriage and family); […]

12 Months to a Better You: Conversion

Christian change is conversion. Much of the language of the New Testament focuses on the process of conversion.  Regeneration, New Creation, Rebirth,  Repentance, Faith, Transformation, Renewal, are all words that imply change.  Some of the words imply that the change comes in a moment, an instance of time and other words imply that change comes […]