Rylands Fragment of John

The Papyrus Rylands Greek 475  also known as p52. is a fragment of the Gospel of John that dates from around AD 135. Fascinating.  It is an important fragment.  p52 is the earliest known New Testament manuscript. It measures 3.5″ x 2.5″, and contains lines from the Gospel of John 18:31-33 on the front and […]

Herod’s Grave Found

27 years ago I visited the Herodium, located between Jerusalem and Bethlehem and was amazed at the site. Ehud Netzer has been excavating and researching the Herodium since 1972. He has discovered the site of Herod’s tomb. Amazing. Read the story here: Haaretz. ht: Between Two Worlds Technorati Tags: Herod’s Tomb, Ehud Netzer, Archeology, Herodium

Jesus Burial Box Put to Bed

So much has been written about the so called tomb of Jesus. For complete information see James White at Alpha and Omega Ministries. Technorati Tags: Talpiot Tomb, Jesus Burial

The Grave of Jesus

In honor of tonight’s Discovery Channel Special on the Tapliot Tomb, you have to check this out: I Totally Found the Grave of Jesus on the Middlebrow site. Being an LA native, and doing hundreds of funerals in Southern California cemetaries this is so totally true. Good humor. ht:  The Happy Wonderer;  Middlebrow Technorati Tags: […]

Lost Tomb of Jesus: Links Galore

Check out Jeff Downs blog Countercult Apologetics for a massive list of links about the tomb of Jesus story. ht: James White Technorati Tags: Lost Tomb of Jesus

How Should We Think About the New Jesus Burial Place?

Read Ben Witherington on the Jesus Burial Place; the New Testament Gateway; and Darrel Bock in two posts: No Need to Yell and Hollywood Hype. There are a lot of good responses to this breaking story, see Ben Witherington and James White for some good posts and information. I want to take a different tack […]

Jesus Coffin Found??!??

Now there is a headline. American film maker James Cameron has partnered with Simcha Jacobovici to make a film in which they claim a cave in Jerusalem was discovered in 1980 will prove to be the burial place of Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene and others. Here is the link to the story. Here is a […]