Widows, Pennies, & Church at Home

I have been posting thoughts about Sunday worship on our church’s Facebook page, usually titled: “Best Things I Heard Today.” With our changing meeting landscape I thought I would expand that practice in to a blog post.

Isaiah 1

Just notes. This series on the blog are just the notes from the margins of my Bible, hopefully the comments, observations, cross references, etc. will be helpful. I don’t intend this to be a commentary or an exhaustive treatment of the passage. Tuesdays will be an exploration through Isaiah. Isaiah 1 Shema – Deuteronomy 6:4-5 […]

Genesis 1

Here are some notes from my Bible from Genesis chapter 1.

God is not a King

A longstanding conversation in theology has to do with how we know things about God and how we describe what we “know” about God. One way this has been stated in theological circles is “all of our knowledge about God is analogical.” I have used the phrase: “all theology is analogy” many times in conversations. […]

The History Channel: The Bible

So the History Channel is starting a new 5 part series tonight called “The Bible.”  Here are some thoughts: The story of Abraham starts out with too many “extra” biblical characters and dialog that is irritating and I am only 15 minutes into the presentation.  For instance, the first 10 minutes Abraham is portrayed as […]

90 Day Challenge Day 57

Read Jeremiah 23-35 Highlights Woe to the shepherds who lead astray Good and Bad Figs Babylonian Captivity Foretold The Cup of God’s Wrath Jeremiah prophesies in the Temple The Sign of the Yoke Hannaniah opposes Jeremiah and dies Promise of Return New Covenant God’s assurance of return The Righteous Branch

90 Day Challenge Day 56

Read Jeremiah 11-22 Highlights The Broken Covenant Jeremiah’s Prayer and God’s Answer The Hidden Waistband A Prayer for Mercy False Prophets The Deceitful Heart The Potter and the Clay The Broken Jar Message for Zedekiah Warning regarding the Fall of Jerusalem  

90 Day Challenge Day 55

Read Jeremiah 1-10 Highlights Jeremiah’s Call and Commission The Almond Rod and Boiling Pot Judah’s Apostasy The Polluted Land Faithlessness and Repentance Lament over Judah Jerusalem’s Godlessness & Judgment Enemy from the North Message at the Temple Gate Satire on Idolatry

90 Day Challenge Day 54

Read Isaiah 53 – 66 Highlights The Suffering Servant Covenant of Peace will not be Shaken Mercy Rewards for Obedience Evil Leaders Rebuked Observance of Fasts Separation from God A Glorified Zion Good News Zion’s Glory and New Name God’s Vengeance on the Nations You Are Our Father Prayer for Mercy and Help New Heavens […]

90 Day Challenge Day 53

Read Isaiah 42 – 52 Highlights God’s Promise regarding His Servant The Blindness of the People Israel Redeemed, God’s Witness Babylon to be destroyed The Folly of Idolatry God uses Cyrus God’s Supreme Power The True God vs. Idols Lament for Babylon Salvation reaches the End of the Earth God Remembers God Helps His Servant […]