90 Day Challenge Day 42

Read  Psalm 46 -69 Highlights 46. God is our Refuge and Strength 47. God is the King of the Earth 48. The Beauty and Glory of Zion 49. The Foolishness of Trusting in Wealth 50. God is Judge 51. A Prayer for Forgiveness 52. Futility of Wickedness 53. The Fool Has Said in His Heart… […]

90 Day Challenge Day 41

Read  Psalm 25-45 Highlights 25. Prayer for Protection, Guidance, Pardon 26. Prayer for Vindication 27. Psalm of Trust 28. Prayer for Help 29. The Voice of the Lord 30. Thanks for Deliverance from Death 31. Psalm of Complaint and Praise 32. The Blessing of Forgiveness 33. Praise to the Creator and Preserver 34. I Will […]

90 Day Challenge Day 40

Read  Psalm 1-24 Highlights The Righteous and the Wicked contrasted The Lord’s Anointed Morning Prayer of Trust Evening Prayer of Trust Prayer of Protection from the Wicked Prayer for Mercy in Time of Trouble Refuge in God The Lord’s Glory, Man’s Dignity A Psalm of Thanksgiving Title-less Psalm The Lord is a Refuge and Defense God is […]

90 Day Challenge Day 39

Read  Job 25 – 42 Highlights Job affirms His righteousness Job recounts his past, present situations Job claims integrity Job finishes with the three friends; Elihu chimes in God speaks to Job Job: “What Can I Reply?” Job’s confession Job’s restoration Interesting Job fact:  Some believe the description of “Behemoth” in 40:15 is a reference […]

90 Day Challenge Day 38

Read  Job 8 – 24 Highlights Job’s friend Bildad replies to Job Job answers Bildad Job’s friend Zohar rebukes Job Job responds to Zohar Job &  friends: Eliphaz, Bildad, Zohar continue in dialog Interesting Job fact:  some believe Job is the oldest writing of the Scriptures

90 Day Challenge Day 37

Read Esther 1 – Job 7 Highlights Ahasuerus and Queen Vashti Esther becomes Queen Mordecai saves the King Haman plots against the Jews Esther learns of Haman’s plot Esther’s banquet The King honors Mordecai Haman is hanged Mordecai promoted to Haman’s position The King’s Decree Feast of Purim Job’s character and wealth Satan presents  himself […]

90 Day Challenge Day 36

Read Nehemiah 1 – 13 Highlights Nehemiah grieves Nehemiah inspects Jerusalem’s walls Walls are built Sanballat mocks Jews building the walls “Our God will fight for us” Sanballat-Tobiah-Geshem’s plot The wall is finished Census of returned exiles Ezra reads the law The People confess their sin An agreement, a signed document Re-occupation of the land, […]

90 Day Challenge Day 35

Read  2 Chronicles 35:16-27 – Ezra 10 Highlights Death of Josiah Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin reign Captivity in Babylon Zedekiah Cyrus decrees return to Jerusalem Holy Vessels restored, offering taken to refurbish temple The accounting of those who returned to Jerusalem Altar and sacrifices restored Temple restoration begins Zerubbabel Letter to Artaxerxes Letter to Darius, discovery […]

90 Day Challenge Day 34

Read  2 Chronicles 23:16-21 – 2 Chronicles 35:1-15 Highlights Reforms in the nation; repairs to the Temple Joash, Amaziah, Uzziah Uzziah’s pride Jotham, Ahaz Judah invaded, compromise with Assyria Hezekiah and his reforms Israel celebrates the Passover again Sennacherib and the invasion of Judah Manasseh succeeds Hezekiah, idolatry again Josiah, repairs to the temple Hilkiah […]

90 Day Challenge Day 33

Read  2 Chronicles 7:11-22 – 23:1-15 Highlights God’s promises and warnings Queen of Sheba visits Solomon Solomon’s wealth and power Solomon dies Rehoboam & Jeroboam Shishak invades Judah Civil war, multiple kings Ahab Make the Connection:  compare 2 Chronicles 10:15 with 1 Kings 11:29-39 to discover the reason for the divided kingdom.