Post-Moderns and Emergents

Ravi Zacharias, Al Mohler and RC Sproul chime in on Postmodernism and the Emergent Movement. Ligonier Ministries

John Crowder: Extremely Emerging Post-modern Post-Pentecostal

Every pastor has a bad sermon. I have had a few. Now I have something new to watch to help me get over my bad sermon blah’s…John Crowder. One look at this guys sermons and I can always say…”not as bad as that guy”, or I can just send a copy to the elders every […]

Dangers of the "Relevant" Church

Sometime last year Sunday’s LA Times Magazine featured an article on “Synaplex,” a Jewish Synagogue movement designed to attract more attendees at Synagogue on Shabbat. Not unlike the methodology of many churches in attempting to lure worshipers and potential worshipers to church on Sunday. The goal, says Rabbi Hayim Herring, executive director of STAR, the […]

Mark Driscoll explains the Emerging Church

Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church talks about the Emerging Church. If you are unfamiliar with this terminology this is a good introduction. Basically the Emerging Church is trying to address the glaring need the church has in America to re-reach our culture. Another word you may be hearing is the word “missional”. The underlying […]