Millennial Primer

Here are four elementary overview timelines of the four major viewpoints with regard to the Millennium mentioned in Revelation 20. Narrated by David Murray, Professor of OT and Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary and of HeadHeartHand Blog and the Connected Kingdom podcast with Tim Challies, you will love his marvelous Scottish accent and the graphic and […]

Why Predictions of the End are Misguided

Everyone is talking about Harold Camping and the failed prediction of the beginning of Judgment day marked by the rapture on May 21, 2011.  When citing reasons that he was wrong, many are citing the words of Jesus which state: “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, […]

The Mark of the Beast

Our series on heaven has engendered many questions, here is a peripheral one that came up that I wrote a response to today so I thought I would post it… QUESTION. In your opionion WHAT IS THE MARK BEAST IN REVELATION????? I know it is not a day, computer chip, but a number because of […]

More Signage Evangelism, and Just Stupid Signage

More Signage Evangelism in our small town.  These handmade signs pop up on a regular basis and they always have a “compelling” message.  I love this sign.  It is soooo appropriate.  We should be afraid of the verichip in the same way we were afraid of bar codes in the 70’s and 80’s.  Look at […]

Left Behind…or else

Virgil Vaduva over at Unfinished Christianity posted this video…great. I remember feeling just like this as well. Randy Bonifield is the singer. Technorati Tags: Eschatology, Left Behind, Rapture, Randy Bonifield,

The Lost Holiday

We celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Easter. We celebrate Good Friday. We celebrate the important events of the life of Christ. Why don’t we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus? Certainly the Ascension is as important as the Incarnation. I contend that our ignorance of the Ascension has adversely affected our theology, especially our eschatology. The Ascension […]

Acts 1:1-11; Coming on the Clouds

This post is a follow up on the Second Coming post a few days ago. I asked the question what is the real meaning of “coming on the clouds”? Here I want to relate the saying to the real meaning of the ascension. It is my opinion that too much emphasis is placed on the […]

The Second Coming

Well there you have it, Jesus is here. I haven’t written a lot about eschatology, but this may lead me into it. Here is a start. What does the Bible mean when it talks about Jesus “coming” on the clouds. Revelation 1:7 BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and every eye will see Him, […]

Metaphysics, Darren "Dutch" Daulton and the End

I am re-posting this old post from my previous blog – I was reminded of it looking at the last two posts. From the sublime to the mundane. Alvin Plantinga is a premier philosopher, the flip side is Darren Daulton. To follow up on stupid things heard on the radio and the definition of a […]