Atheists Borrow from Theism

I loved this video, well done and funny, and ironically makes the point that is the title of the song.  I know they mean it to be tongue in cheek, but it ends up being a substantive criticism of a non-Theist position about reality, specifically how we explain the idea of beauty. One of the […]

Woody Allen Interviews Billy Graham

Interesting older interview…two parts [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.574837&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] more about “Woody Allen Interviews Billy Graham??!!!“, posted with vodpod

TED | Talks | Dan Dennett: A secular, scientific rebuttal to Rick Warren (video)

Daniel Dennett is the author of “Breaking the Spell,” a book about religion being the result of natural phenomenon. As a result of this premise he desires the “facts” of all religious belief to be a mandatory part of education in America. It is a fascinating video as he critiques Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life”. […]

Leon Botstein on Stephen Colbert

Click on the link for an interview with Leon Botstein by Stephen Colbert (check out the VodPod in my sidebar). Colbert makes me laugh, and the discussion has an interesting God element to it. Botstein gives a common tolerant humanist view about the existence and nature of God (God is human capacity), and it is […]

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort on Nightline

Last night on Nightline Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort “debated” two atheists from (Brian Sapient and Kelly) from Rational Response. You can watch the videos here. If you are like me you will be embarrassed by their effort. Many are giving them credit for trying. I don’t. People should know and recognize their limits. Kirk […]

Is Christianity Good for the World

Christianity Today is hosting an online (written) debate/dialog between atheist Christopher Hitchens and theologian Douglas Wilson. This is interesting in light of the goings on the last few months here at the Temple. Also, tomorrow night on ABC there will be a televised debate between Ray Comfort and a leading Atheist. The debate will be […]

Move Over Sam Harris

Check out this Christianity Today review of Christopher Hitchens book entitled “God is not Great.” ht:Between Two Worlds Technorati Tags: Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Preston Jones, Atheism

Einstein and Faith

Interesting article in Time Magazine about Einstein and Faith. Technorati Tags: Einstein, Atheism, Theism, Faith & Science

Plantinga's Version of the Ontological Argument

The Ontological Argument for the existence of God was developed by Anselm in the 12th Century. Since then it has been a topic of conversation and criticism with regard to the argument of God’s existence. Alvin Plantinga is a Christian philosopher teaching at Notre Dame and considered the premier Christian thinker of our time. His […]

Faith and Science, Pts 3-6

I have posted the rest of this video series in the sidebar widget named VodPod, if you are interested.  The videos simply demonstrate that many scientists were/are believers.