Blogs I Read and Recommend

Friends I Read: Dave DeVries at Missional Challenge               Roy Goble at Junkyard Wisdom               Friends I wish I had that I read Michael Hyatt at Michael Hyatt | Intentional Leadership               Roy Williams at Monday Morning […]

Sovereignty of God

Al Martin preaches a 17 part series on Sovereignty.  Download the free MP3’s from Monergism dot com.

Worth Reading and Listening to…

Here are a few articles and podcasts I have been reading and listening to: Dennis Prager on Why Don’t Christians Help…Christians? in the National Review Online. Tyler Jones on Organized Religion is Dying; Let’s Host a Funeral from The Resurgence Atul Gawande on Letting Go: What Should Medicine Do When it Can’t Save Your Life? […]

Please Convince Me Podcast

I am always on the look out for good listening material and was pleased to find the “Please Convince Me” podcast. Read the text of my email that I sent in response to comments made on Podcast #162 entitled Does Jesus Possess the Nature of God.  The host of the program is James Warner Wallace […]

Navigator Resources

Navigators are a great group, here is a link to some resources they offer: Navigators Resource Page And two of my favorites from that page: One Verse Evangelism Finishing Well

Unbelievable? Radio Programme

I am always looking for good listening, especially because there is so much bad listening on contemporary Christian radio. Much of what is available on the radio is either so poor theologically or so argumentative and vitriolic that when you find something collegial, engaging and easy to listen to, it is worth noting. So it […]

Evangelical Textual Criticism

Here is a blog link for all of you intellectuals out there interested in textual criticism. Evangelical Textual Criticism.

7 Habits for Free

Download the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for free from  This classic productivity handbook has great content.  If you haven’t read it before, here is a chance to get it in audio format for free, I recommend it all the time. HT:  Lifehacker

Get a Human

Here is a great resource website if you are tired of talking to machines when you call different companies, a list of numbers and instructions to Get a Human!