Come on Ref!

I am a sports fan. In the last few weeks I have been to 1 high school basketball game, 1 high school soccer match, and 2 college basketball games. I play softball on Monday nights.  I volunteer as a soccer referee for our local AYSO.  In these contexts, especially the last one and most likely […]

Soccer and Morality

I cracked open the LA Times this morning, a not so routine activity for me anymore.  We gave up our home delivery over a year ago and only recently subscribed to the Sunday Times for the coupons (Kelly is a coupon-money saving fiend).  Even so, Sunday is not a great day for my paper perusing […]

David Robinson NBA Hall of Fame

David Robinson is all class, from the wonderful words he says to his wife to the way he affirmed his sons.  The speech is a typical acceptance style speech, thanking everyone for all the effort contributed, but his ending is tremendous.  Now many sports figures have given thanks to God, but David Robinson says it […]

When Men were Men

I love the Tour de France, one of the premier sporting events.  Here is a clip from 1951.  No helmets, no guardrails, and just for your information downhill speeds exceed 60 mph. In this instance crying is truly manly.

USA Soccer Impressive in Win

The United States played an impressive 90 minutes to beat the number 1 team in the world and earn a spot in the finals of the Confederations Cup in South Africa. This is a great win for US Soccer against the premier soccer team in international competition. The US will most likely face a formidable […]

Great Story: Jason McElwain

This kid played basketball in Rochester New York, my kind of hero. Sports needs more stories like this one.

Westmont vs. Azusa Pacific Soccer Match

Westmont College is my alma mater.  I met my wife Kelly there.  My oldest son Timothy graduated in 2007.  My sons Levi (Junior) and Caleb (Freshman) attend presently and my youngest (Joseph) has always wanted to attend and will probably attend.  So it was with anguish and a heightened sense of anxiety that I watched […]